Reduction of deaths in Greece, despite the coronavirus!


In 64.469 (32,253 men and 32,216 women) rose to deaths in Hellas the first 26 weeks of 2020, while for its respective period 2019 it was 65.496 (32,901 men and 32,595 women), presenting reduction of his class 1,57%.

This emerges from the emergency press release of ELSTAT with the provisional statistical data that record the weekly evolution of deaths from the 1st to the 26th week of 2020. The data refer to the deaths that took place in the Greek territory, which were caused by various causes. including pandemic deaths. The data are compiled in the context of the Physical Movement statistics of the Population and come from the Registries of all Municipal Authorities, according to the death facts that have been declared and registered until the date of their transmission.

According to ELSTAT, most deaths during the period of the first 26 weeks of 2020 compared to the corresponding period of the year 2019, were recorded in the 7th week (10 / 2- 16/2) with an increase rate of 8.5%, in the 12th (16/3 – 22/3), which was also the first week of implementation of the restrictive measures due to Covid-19, with an increase rate of 6.5% and the 20th (11/5 to 17/5), during which it started the lifting of restrictive measures, with an increase rate of 9%.

On the contrary, the fewest deaths compared to 2019 were recorded in the 22nd week (25 / 5- 31/5), the 24th (8 / 6- 14/6) and the 26th (22 / 6-28 / 6), with percentages reduction of 14%, 13.3% and 10.1%, respectively.

From the same analysis, it is observed that the deaths by age were more than those of the same period of 2019 only in the age groups 45 to 49 years, 60 to 64 years, 65 to 69 years and over 90 years, in percentages of 1% of the total , 1.7% in males and 0.4% in females.

At the place of permanent residence of the deceased, there is an increase in 4 regions and a decrease in 9 regions. The largest increase is presented in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (4.15%) and the largest decrease in the region of Crete (5.96%).


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