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The cabinet will conduct weekly tests in nursing homes where a corona infection has been found. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced this on Tuesday evening during the national press conference on corona policy.
The experts on which the cabinet relies had advised testing weekly on all residents and employees of a nursing home if there is an infection or an outbreak.
According to the minister, this will continue “until the contamination has been reduced”. At present, residents of nursing homes are tested as soon as they have complaints, but this is not always easy to determine, for example in people with severe dementia.
Recent research shows that the corona virus can spread unnoticed in nursing homes. Symptoms of the coronavirus were not always clearly visible or were not always recognized.
The cabinet is also considering preventive testing of employees and residents if the number of infections in the immediate vicinity of the institution increases. However, it must first be investigated when preventive testing is required and whether there is sufficient capacity.
The cabinet also wants to train employees better to prevent spread in nursing homes. They need to recognize symptoms better. Employees must also wear personal protective equipment at a location with contamination.
The news that discotheques and clubs should keep their doors closed for the time being did not really come as a surprise from Prime Minister Mark Rutte. This decision was leaked on Monday. Rutte defended that measure a day later. “The risk of new outbreaks is simply too great,” said the prime minister.
Rutte calls the developments “not alarming” at the moment, but “exciting” now that the holidays are over and schools and sports clubs have started again. The number of infections is still higher than in July, but has not increased any further last week. The number of patients in hospitals is ‘stable at a level that the care can handle’.
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However, the prime minister points out that in some other countries the number of corona cases is still increasing. He believes that this makes it necessary to remain vigilant. “The virus has no passport.”


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