India reaches the world’s highest COVID-19 daily rate: 78,761 | BNN


India has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest single-day confirmed new COVID-19 infection. However, the United States still has the highest reported number of virus-related deaths in the world, reports the British broadcaster BBC an IS European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In India, 78,761 new infections were registered during the day to Sunday, August 30. The United States reached this number on July 17.

In the South Asian country, the situation is getting worse with the spread of the virus, but the Indian government continues to lift epidemiological restrictions to stimulate an economy that has lost several million jobs since March. Underground trains will be allowed in major Indian cities from September. Up to 100 people will be able to gather for cultural, entertainment and sporting events, provided they have to wear respirators and keep a physical distance.

On Sunday, the number of COVID-19 infections registered in the world since the spread of the disease in China last year exceeded 25 million.

Complications of the new coronavirus have claimed the lives of 843,158 people worldwide. In the last two weeks, 953,051 new infections have been confirmed in India (63,498 died during the pandemic).

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It is followed by the United States with 600,417 new infections (182,779 deaths during the pandemic) and Brazil with 529,057 (120,462). Meanwhile, the highest prevalence of the virus in Europe is currently in Spain, where 96,473 new cases have been confirmed in the last two weeks, and Latvia’s neighbor Russia with 67,462 new cases, according to data compiled by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


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