Coronavirus in Prague: Veils will be mandatory from 1 September on trams, buses and the metro, as well as at some offices


“It simply came to our notice then a school day that the Czech Republic has not yet experienced, “Said Deputy Mayor Petr Hlubuček (STAN) on Monday. He assured the citizens that the management of the capital evaluates the situation every week and everything is solved “on the go” and also appreciated the cooperation with the Prague hygiene station. Hlubuček confirmed that he is returning from Tuesday the obligation to wear veils in all public transport vehicles. “Prague got into an imaginary yellow traffic light, but we still manage to monitor the situation and trace cases. We still manage to have the situation under control, “he added.

The number of patients is increasing

The head of Prague hygiene, Zdeňka Jágrová, pointed out that the number of new infections increased last week. “We haven’t gotten under a hundred since Wednesday, except on Saturday,” she said. She said as positive that the infection mainly affects young people, in whom the disease is usually severe. “The median is around 29 to 30 years,” she added.

In schools without veils …. yet

Although wearing veils is not mandatory in schools, Jágrová considers them essential protectionwhich affects the spread of the infection. “It’s a crucial measure that has a big effect and it doesn’t really cost us much,” he says. According to her, however, there is a need for veils to be used correctly, which is often not possible to look after children in schools, and therefore it does not want to order schools to do so. The decision is up to school principals. The municipality also distributes a package to all freshmen, where in addition to school supplies, there is also a cloth drape in a child size that can be used repeatedly.

According to Jágrová, Prague hygienists anticipate that the disease will occur in schools, however, whole schools should not be closed. It is expected that in the event of an infection, a certain group of children will be monitored and therefore they want the children to be in as homogeneous groups as possible during teaching. This should make it easier for hygienists to work on possible tracing of the contacts of infected children. “We do not in any way expect to close schools“It will always concern the specific team in which the disease occurs, it will always depend on local conditions,” she explained how the hygienists want to proceed after the beginning of the school year.

The chief hygienist also stated that she had appeared in Prague several outbreakswhich are often associated with various clubs and leisure activities. Should the number of people who become infected in a similar way to Techtle Mechtle increase, they will have to restrictions on business opening hours. Both Hlubuček and Jágrová appealed to the people of Prague to consider what events they want to attend I thought that in such places there could be a disease. “We need the number of patients not to increase dramatically,” added Jágrová.

New test sites

Deputy Hlubuček further mentioned that in Prague there is now a test capacity of five thousand samples per day, which is now sufficient. More test sites should open in the near future, within 14 days, one should take place in Dejvice on Vítězné náměstí. There are currently 22 sampling points with different operators. “It simply came to our notice then we will open more collection points, “Added Hlubuček.


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