Three more countries, including Lithuania, could be on the Covid-19 “yellow list” this week


Photo: EPA / Scanpix / LETA

Three more countries could be included in the “yellow list” of Covid-19 distribution this week – Italy, Slovenia and possibly Lithuania, but there could be no big changes in the “red list”, this morning Latvian Radio predicted Elīna Dimiņa, epidemiologist of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) .

The specialist emphasized that the SPCC treats all countries with the same treatment – be it Lithuania or any other country in the world, the restrictions will be the same, ie in this case, two weeks of self-isolation should be observed after returning from Lithuania.

Dimiņa admitted that there have been some cases of Covid-19 infection imported to Latvia from Lithuania and Estonia.

The representative of the SPKC emphasized that Latvia should not fall into peace, although the prevalence of Covid-19 is currently relatively low, and new outbreaks must be prepared. We cannot be sure what will happen in a couple of days, and we must not ignore what is happening around Europe in terms of Covid-19, the expert emphasized.

Dimiņa said that in previous weeks more than half of the new cases of Covid-19 in Latvia had been imported from abroad, but most of the others were the contact persons for these visitors.

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This week, the number of infections was already well over a week earlier, and the day with 18 infected people was especially unpleasant, but all SPKCs were able to trace the chain of infection. There have been three different outbreaks, two related to domestic contacts and the third to a workplace and family members working there.

Of the two recent cases of Covid-19, however, it is not yet clear how people might be infected.


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