How universities and hostels will work in quarantine conditions – recommendations of the Ministry of Health


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Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine was extended until November (Photo: Clément Falize via Unsplash)

In the press service of the department statedthat it is recommended to reduce as much as possible the classes of medical students in hospitals and not to conduct lectures and practical exercises in medical institutions where patients with coronavirus are treated.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Health for higher educational institutions:

  • entrance to institutions and movement between classrooms – only in a medical mask or respirator, in the classroom you can be without a mask;
  • Before the start of the lesson, teachers should ask about the well-being of students and the presence of coronavirus symptoms If one student is found to have COVID-19, the whole group must go into self-isolation;
  • conduct classes of the same group in the same classroom throughout the day in order to minimize movement between classrooms;
  • make places at all entrances for treating hands with antiseptics;
  • at the entrance to the institution, in the corridors and bathrooms, to make a centralized collection of used masks and gloves in separate containers with lids;
  • at the end of the working day – disinfect surfaces, door handles, tables, seating and railings;
  • ventilate the room for at least 10 minutes after each lesson.

Recommendations of the Ministry of Health for hostels:

  • in common areas outside the rooms, you can only be in a mask or respirator;
  • at temperatures above 37.2 ° C, a person must go to isolation before consulting a doctor. Residents of a dormitory on self-isolation need to provide medical supervision, delivery of food and medicines;
  • disinfection of surfaces and wet cleaning every 3-4 hours;
  • constant presence of liquid soap, antiseptics and paper towels;
  • a five-day supply of personal protective equipment: masks, respirators and gloves.

The government extended the quarantine until October 31, with a softening from May 22. The approach to softening or strengthening quarantine remained adaptive, but the principle of allocating regions to strengthen quarantine measures was changed.

The country was divided into four zones according to the level of danger of the spread of coronavirus. Each of them has certain restrictions.

As of 27 August Ukraine recorded 112,059 cases of coronavirus, of which 54,217 patients recovered, deaths – 2403. Over the past day, COVID-19 was found in 1974 people, a record number of patients died – 49.


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