The number of Covid-19 cases in Russia reaches 1 million


According to the statement made by the Russian Coronavirus Infection Control and Prevention Center, the number of cases increased to 970 thousand 865 with the detection of a newer type of coronavirus (Covid-19) in 4,676 people in the last 24 hours.

The number of virus-related deaths increased by 115 in the last day in the country, reaching 16 thousand 683, and the number of those who recovered after contracting the disease increased by 6 thousand 403 to 786 thousand 150.

The daily increase in the number of cases across Russia remained at 0.5 percent. 26.8 percent of new cases had no symptoms.


In the capital city of Moscow, the number of cases increased by 640 in the last 24 hours to 259 thousand 70, and the number of deaths increased by 11 to 4 thousand 764.

In the statement made by the Russian Human Health and Consumer Rights Protection Service, it was noted that 245 thousand tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and the number of tests performed so far exceeded 35 million 100 thousand.

In Russia, the first Covid-19 cases were detected on January 31, and the first death from Covid-19 occurred on March 19. Measures had been taken in the country since the end of March.

class=”cf”>In regions where the number of cases in the country was low, measures were relaxed. However, a mask and gloves were required in closed and crowded environments.

The curfew in the capital city of Moscow, which started on March 30, was lifted as of June 9.

Covidien-19 measures to stop all international flights within the framework of Russia on March 27, this month in Turkey, United Kingdom, Tanzania and international scheduled and charter flights to Switzerland had mutually restart.


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