Public employees with salaries doubled in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Who are the lucky ones?


Some categories of public servants will have increased salaries in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The Orban government will increase the revenues of certain categories of public servants. Those who will benefit from doubled salaries are the employees who will be part of a new structure that will be set up within the Minister of European Funds.

The General Directorate for Management of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism will include 30 employees and will have the role of elaborating, negotiating, approving, reimbursing expenses, monitoring and reporting to PNRR.

Employees will benefit from a 100% increase in the basic salary

These employees will work on the basis of an individual employment contract, for a determined period of five years. They will receive a 100% increase in the basic salary during the period in which they work. Also, the staff of the line ministries involved in the elaboration of the PNR will receive a 100% increase in the basic salary.

With the help of the European Union, with the 79.9 billion euros provided for the recovery of the economy, the Government will redirect 30.4 billion of this money to the financing instrument “Recovery and Resilience Mechanism”. They are structured in the form of grants of 13.7 billion euros. But also in the form of loans 16.6 billion euros.

The government has drafted an emergency ordinance to access these external funds. refundable and non-refundable.

National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The executive is working on the elaboration of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan which will include the areas in which it will invest in order to get out of the crisis.

„In order not to generate delays in the implementation of infrastructure projects regardless of their nature, but also on the long-term development perspective of Romania, it is necessary to prepare, develop and approve technical-economic documentation for infrastructure projects in areas of strategic importance for Romania.

Thus, these are infrastructure projects for irrigation / soil wetting systems to combat the risk of drought, combat soil erosion, drainage and drainage, hail protection, afforestation, infrastructure projects for urban mobility, urban regeneration, tourism and culture, greening industrial platforms, establishment / rehabilitation / modernization of school campuses necessary for vocational and technical education, rehabilitation / modernization / extension of centralized systems for the production and distribution of thermal energy necessary for the population.

There are also infrastructure projects in the field of public health, infrastructure projects for research in the field of technology transfer, water-sewerage infrastructure projects; urban infrastructure projects: water-sewerage, modernization / extension / rehabilitation / development of inner roads of localities, urban mobility in partnership with urban localities, urban regeneration, public lighting system, centralized heat supply systems for rural localities adjacent to localities urban ”, according to


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