WHO: “Additional measures are needed against Covid-19”


France is tightening measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. Labor Minister Elisabeth Bourne said that from September 1, there will be a mandatory mask regime in all enterprises, with the exception of individual offices, where employees sit alone. She stressed that the country must avoid reintroducing self-isolation at all costs.

Meanwhile, in the Spanish autonomous community of the Basque Country, a ban on mass gatherings is being introduced; no more than 10 people can be together.

And in Belgium, the situation has improved slightly – over the past week, the rate of coronavirus infection in the country as a whole has decreased by 14%, but at the same time, Brussels is becoming a new focus.

Belgian children can return to school on September 1, while high school students will study remotely. Theology professor Lieven Bouvet says: “I am very pleased. Education is a priority in our society. We can organize the orderly return of students to school. We managed to find a balance between the arguments of virological control and pedagogical criteria.”

The World Health Organization says that herd immunity will not help fight COVID-19 and the world community needs to focus on finding additional measures that would limit the spread of coronavirus.


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