A family from Thessaloniki travels the world in the era of Covid-19


In the last video they shared with the public on social media, they are crossing Budapest while they are already on the road in “Karibouni” for about 15 days, as their friends have “christened”, the motor vehicle that will be their home for many years .

“Our journey is completely different from what we started four months ago, before the pandemic, that is, when we had a direction to Asia. “Everything has changed with the Covid-19”, says Akis Temperidis from Thessaloniki, who together with his partner Voula Netou tried and traveled around the world, on the radio station of the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency “Agency 104.9 FM” by car 13 years ago.

It was a catalytic experience for the rest of both lives and a journey from which they did not return “… when really”, as he characteristically states. A journey that now begins again. With the “swarm of discovery and escape from everyday life” on a second world route not leaving them alone but also with the eight-year-old Anastasia now completing their family / company, the two travelers have started for a few days now for new routes around the world.

Six years on the planet
The main goal of the family is to travel around the world for six years, as long as “the elementary school of the little one” will last, who will be, as they say, a student who will make the most of the technology of distance education.

But how did they make the new decision? “From the moment our child was born, during the time we lived in Italy after the first trip around the world, our minds could never calm down. So we started to plan a second trip that all three of us would do together, not out of vanity, but because we wanted to pass on to our own child now, these beautiful things that we experienced in the first trip “, says Akis Temperidis and explains that they have now a “documented way of how we travel now”.

Akis Temperidis (photo: Facebook / The World Offroad)

Any concerns about issues related to the safety and health of family members are offset by the methods the couple has developed to cope with any difficulties. And the biggest difficulty in the case of the second “The World off Road” trip happened to be the global pandemic! A reality that forced the family to return to Greece once for a significant period, when the borders were closed during the 1st wave, while they were already on their way.

“On March 10-15, the whole world” closed “. We had started for our final trip in December 2019 from Thessaloniki, but after two and a half months and when all the borders in Central Asia were closed with the outbreak of Covid-19, we returned via Turkey back to Greece and Thessaloniki. “There we were waiting to start again, something we finally did at the beginning of August”, explains the journalist from Thessaloniki, with the new plan of the trip now “sending” the family to the northernmost part of Europe.

Ascent to the Northern Cape
“Fortunately today the borders are open in the EU and that is what we have decided to take advantage of. So, until things improve epidemiologically, we have said to make a European trip to the Northern Cape, to the North Sea and to Norway, a symbolic point “, explains Akis Temperidis, referring to the current plan of the family and emphasizes that its continuation course will be essentially determined by the pandemic.

Voula Netou (photo: Facebook / The World Offroad)

So, if all goes well, after Europe, the couple and the little traveler, Anastasia, will either head to Central Asia and Mongolia or send their car-home to South America to start the main one again. part of “The World off Road”. It was the continent they had said goodbye to a few years ago as a finishing point.

What gives them strength? The … “weapon” of the couple in this long-term project, however, has a name but also a very smart and smiling face. “Our Anastasia must confess that at the age of eight she is the … most positive element in our journey! He is always enthusiastic, he makes friends everywhere, he is incredibly social and the way he treats everything is something that gives both of us strength many times “, confesses Akis Temperidis.

  • Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ / Sotiris Kyriakidis


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