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Signs of the beginning of the second wave of Covid-19 are already observed in European countries

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World Health Organization stated the beginning of the second wave of coronavirus in the world. According to the representative of the WHO European Bureau Oleg Storozhenko, some countries are already experiencing a third wave.

“The second wave in many countries began when quarantine measures began to be eased. We have seen some progress in controlling the infection in April-May this year, but under the pressure of economic circumstances, governments have relaxed measures, disease statistics have gone up, and we can see this as a second wave. Some countries are already experiencing a third wave, “he said.

One of the reasons for the increase in morbidity, the expert called the holidays from which people returned infected. “We are also anxiously awaiting the school year. We have yet to explore how the opening of schools and universities affects the spread of the infection, and what measures can be taken to further control the disease. ” specified Storozhenko.

The day before, the head of the Ministry of Health Maxim Stepanov said that in Ukraine, as well as in European countries, there are already signs of the beginning of the second wave of coronavirus, although it was expected in mid-autumn. While world leaders are trying to take control of the pandemic, researchers are working to clarify the still unexplored infection, because humanity is still knows about Covid-19 not so much, write CNN.

The mystery of vaccination

One of the mysteries: why do people get sick so differently – some people suffer from the disease asymptomatically and do not even know that they are sick, and others as a result of Covid-19 are on the verge of life and death. Dr. Andrew Bidley, a leading infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic in the United States, believes that pre-vaccination (before infection) is important.

“Our team found that people who had previously been vaccinated with various vaccines – against pneumococci, influenza, hepatitis, etc. – were less likely to develop coronavirus infection. This is called immune training. It’s about how your immune system creates an effective response to fight infections, “said Badley.

“You can draw an analogy between the immune system and muscle. The more you train this muscle, the stronger it will be at the right time, “the expert added.

There is no conclusive evidence for the theory that vaccination with various vaccines can increase immunity against Covid-19, but this view shares many scholars. Last month, American researchers foundthat in countries where many people have been vaccinated against Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), there is less mortality from coronavirus.

Masks matter

The presence of vaccinations is not the only significant factor in the course of the disease. Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, worked with a team of researchers to find out why about 40% of peopleinfected with coronavirus, are asymptomatic (according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in July).

Masks: a simple solution has proven its effectivenessMasks: a simple solution has proven its effectiveness

Gandhi’s team came to the conclusion that a significant role is played by … the banal wearing of masks. “The mask can reduce the amount of virus that enters the body. Therefore, the body can easily cope with a small dose, and the result will be minor symptoms or their complete absence, “- explained the expert.

“Currently we have nothing to celebrate”

As of today, more than 5 million Americans received a positive test result on coronavirus, at least 164 thousand died. The average number of new cases of viral disease in the United States is more than 54 thousand per day. This, by the way, is less than in July, when 65 thousand per day were registered.

However, the average number of deaths from coronavirus remains high – more than 1,000 deaths per day for more than two weeks.

The United States has become the world's leading leader in the number of deaths due to coronavirusThe United States has become the world’s anti-leader in the number of deaths due to coronavirus

“We have nothing to celebrate because we have 50,000 new cases a day. We have huge morbidity and mortality rates right now, and a similar situation is forecast for the coming weeks, ”said Dr. Rochelle Valensky, head of the infectious diseases department at a Massachusetts general hospital.

According to a study published in the journal PLOS , up to 80% of Americans would already be infected with Covid-19 if the state did not resort to a policy of physical distancing. Researchers at Harvard University found that each US state took at least one physical distance measure in March to slow the spread of the pandemic.

“The results show that the timing of government-issued orders (on physical distance measures) is strongly correlated with a reduction in both cases of infection and death. In other words, these measures work, ”said Dr. Mark J. Sedner, co-author of the Harvard Medical School study and an infectious disease doctor at a Massachusetts general hospital. According to him, a week after the introduction of the policy of physical distancing, the mortality rate decreased by 2% per day.

Outbreaks in nursing homes deserve special attention. American Health Association and Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States insist on creating a separate program to protect such institutions.

New weekly Covid-19 cases in nursing homes fell from 9,072 (as of late May) to 5,468 (as of June 21), but then rose to 8,628 per week (as of mid-July). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fears that the number of cases in such facilities will continue to rise.

Natalia Sokirchuk, Glavkom


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