Lviv doctor spoke about the outbreak of COVID-19 after a wedding for 130 people / GORDON


Natalia Timko, an epidemiologist at the Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, told the story of how in Lviv, after the wedding, the guests began to get sick with COVID-19. She urged Ukrainians to observe quarantine, so as not to cripple the fate of other people.

In Lviv, at a wedding for 130 people, guests became infected with the coronavirus. About this on your Facebook page on August 8 reported doctor-epidemiologist of the Lviv Regional Infectious Disease Clinical Hospital Natalia Timko.

“I want to tell you the story of a wedding. The newlyweds wanted to get married back in May. They agreed on a hall, music. But … coronavirus. They postponed it. In the last week of July, they decided to celebrate. We invited 180 people. Of these, 50 immediately found reasons and refused.” 130 went to celebrate in a cafe. Of course, no one remembered social distance. It’s uncomfortable to eat wearing masks, to dance too … Everyone hoped that only healthy people came to the wedding (no one demanded a test at the entrance with a negative PCR) and drinking alcohol would help avoid illness “, – wrote Timko.

According to her, four days later, someone from the groom’s family fell ill, and later from the bride’s family. Several people were immediately admitted to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia, the laboratory confirmed that they had COVID-19. Cases of the disease continue to be reported among guests and their families.

“The newlyweds were indignant:” What kind of quarantine? We feel good. We are going to the sea! “One of the guests did not fall ill, and his old mother, who had not left the house for the past few years, was subsequently taken to intensive care,” the doctor said.

She recalled that coronavirus is easily transmitted from person to person, including through ordinary conversation.

“This morning there are 1247 people in hospitals in the region. 100 are in intensive care. 28 are on a ventilator. The number of people whose lives have been taken by the coronavirus is increasing daily. The virus does not choose: poor or rich, healthy or with a bunch of concomitant diseases. who had accompanying, often breaks off. And these people loved someone, had plans for a future life, their children and grandchildren needed their help, “- said Timko.

She urged to observe the rules of quarantine, because otherwise you can cripple someone’s fate.

“Think about it when you go to a loud wedding, go to the lake with a large number of people, gather a company for a birthday. No one can know for sure if he is sick or healthy, even if nothing bothers him. Tomorrow may bother him,” the doctor added …

Coronavirus outbreak started at the end of 2019 in China… On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the spread of the coronavirus a pandemic.

As of the morning of August 9, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Ukraine reached 80,949. 1,897 patients with coronavirus died, 43,972 people recovered.

Lviv region is the leader in terms of the spread of COVID-19 – almost 11 thousand people have been infected there during the epidemic.


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