The spread of the coronavirus in Athens and Thessaloniki is high


Travelers with masks at a KTEL station


The geographical distribution of the 153 new cases announced today by EODY shows a large circulation of the new coronavirus in Athens and Thessaloniki. Developments are a cause for concern, as despite the instructions and the widespread use of masks that we see almost everywhere, as well as the strict surveillance that the authorities claim, the spread of the virus is constantly increasing.

According to the data of the National Organization of Public Health, today, Thursday, August 6, 18 cases have originated from abroad, while in the Regional Unit of Attica 40 cases were recorded and in the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki 38.

It should be noted that the two major cities in Greece have recorded an increased number of cases recently as yesterday we had 22 cases in Athens and Thessaloniki, while on August 4 we had 24 in Athens and 47 in Thessaloniki.

Larissa also presents high numbers of cases, with 14 recorded cases today, Thursday 6 August, and from 8 on 4 and 5 August.

In detail, according to official data, the geographical distribution of cases is as follows:

  • 11 cases during the checks carried out at the entrance gates of the country,
  • 7 imported cases, which came voluntarily,
  • 40 cases in P.E. Attica,
  • 38 in P.E. Thessaloniki,
  • 14 in P.E. Larissa,
  • 9 in P.E. Cyclades, eight of which involve a confluence in a restaurant,
  • 4 in P.E. Evros, all related to the wedding in Alexandroupolis,
  • 3 in P.E. Of Ilia,
  • 3 in P.E. Corinth,
  • 3 in P.E. Corfu,
  • 3 in P.E. Halkidiki,
  • 3 in P.E. Pella,
  • 2 in P.E. Ioannina,
  • 2 in P.E. Kavala,
  • 2 in P.E. Argolida,
  • 2 in P.E. Achaia,
  • 2 in P.E. Magnesia, both from the Stefanovikeio camp,
  • 1 in P.E. Thesprotia,
  • 1 in P.E. Kilkis,
  • 1 in P.E. Kozani,
  • 1 in P.E. Messinia,
  • 1 in P.E. Chania.

According to the daily report of epidemiological surveillance of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the total number of cases is 5,123, while in the last 24 hours no new deaths have been recorded. Until yesterday, we had a total of 210 deaths in the country.


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