Temporary workers to permanent place because of covid 19


“Temporary workers are planned at fixed locations as much as possible so that the risk of spreading is minimized,” says Marjoleine van Klaveren of the Randstad Group Netherlands. “We also help customers to gain an overview of this and to facilitate them in the planning. When using temporary workers, they are constantly asked before and during the assignment whether or not they have complaints. ”

Rob Buwalda of PDZ reports: ,, After the first corona wave and because of the risk of contamination, we only deployed temporary workers who work in the healthcare sector for the same client, in the same department. Always with appropriate protection. After the weakening of the first corona wave, these measures have been relaxed. These are now again the same as the measures after the first corona wave. In case of complaints, a temporary worker stays at home and we advise to take a corona test.


“We will inform PDZ of all temporary workers who are sent out whether they have corona-related complaints. You cannot go to work with complaints. Those rules are the same for clients in all sectors. ”

The temporary agency worker will continue to adhere to the client’s prevention policy, both employment agencies report. Van Klaveren (Randstad): ,, For flex workers, the same measures apply to clients as apply to their permanent employees. However, measures may differ per client. These depend on the business process or the organization of the client. We inform our flex workers about the measures that apply at the client where they work. ”


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