In China, began trials on volunteers of a vaccine developed in cooperation with Germany against COVID-19


Human clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine have begun in China, Western media reported, citing statements from pharmaceutical companies.

The vaccine, which was developed by employees of the Chinese company Fosun Pharma and the German pharmaceutical group BioNTech, is being tested by 144 people. They will receive two doses of the vaccine 21 days apart. At the same time, 72 people have already received the first dose. First, the vaccine will be tested on people aged 18-55, then on older people.

The Chinese company Fosun Pharma and the German BioNTech are developing a vaccine called BNT162b1. In addition, BioNTech is working with the American company Pfizer to develop a vaccine called BNT162b2.

Currently, scientists around the world are working on about 200 vaccines against coronavirus, about two dozen are now undergoing clinical tests on volunteers.


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