Teachers are part of the experiment we learn about the virus. Schools need to reopen


Educational institutions must reopen “in the best possible conditions, safe for children and teachers,” this fall, said on Friday, during hearings in the US Congress, Anthony Fauci, coordinator of actions to combat the Covid pandemic -19 from the USA. He warned in advance that teachers must be part of the “experiment” through which specialists and society are trying to understand the virus and how to fight it, according to a Newsweek report.

Anthony Fauci is an official who has often been in positions different from those of President Donald Trump and who has repeatedly contradicted the head of state regarding the epidemic. Now, however, through his statements, he has taken the side of the president, who is pushing, including for electoral reasons, for the resumption of schools – seen as a condition for the return of people to work and the revitalization of the economy. Trump’s pressure is resisting from many unions and parents, who want guaranteed precautions before schools open.

In his comments to Congress, Anthony Fauci warned that closed schools have a chain of consequences for families.


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