Where to go on a weekend near Kiev, a trip to the Kiev region


Photo: Itinerary of the day (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)

A fascinating day trip around the region

Weekends are a great opportunity to go from Kiev, at least on a short trip, to diversify the atmosphere and get new impressions.

“Finally, for the weekend you can arrange a trip around the outskirts of the Kiev region”, – writes Kiev woman Olga Shcherban… She offered her subscribers a route that she had developed herself, and which she and her friends had already traveled – tested it personally.

Olga advises to arrange a car trip for one day along the following route: Vitachov – Balyko-Shchuchinka – Khalepye – Tripolye – Ukrainka.

You can also choose several of these points and go, for example, in this direction: Ukrainka – Tripolye – Khalepye – Vitachov – Balyko-Shchuchinka.

“At first I did so, but then, when setting up the logistics and according to the reviews, I decided to make a route in the opposite direction. And this is really the best option, because Vitachov is a very picturesque place for which it is better to allocate more time, energy, make a picnic (it is here I recommend to arrange it) and which has become very popular, and therefore after lunch there are a lot of people, it will be difficult to park, “Olga notes.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise youPhoto: Incredible views of the Dnieper (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)

She writes that during the trip they managed to travel only along this route: Vitachov – Balyko-Shchuchinka – Khalepye.

If you want at a normal pace, and not at a gallop for the sake of “ticking off” that you were in these parts, then it is better to choose this option, says the tourist. In Tripoli, you need to set aside time to visit the Tripoli culture museum, she advises.

In the village of Balyko-Shchuchinka, there is a historical memorial complex of the Second World War. If you are not interested in this topic or you have a different mood, then there is no point in going there, and therefore you can start the route right from Vitachov, says Olga.


How to get there from Kiev: by car along the Stolichnoye highway or the H01 highway.

The outskirts of the Vitachov village are a good place for a picnic or a walk with views of the Dnieper, says Olga Shcherban.

“This area has a long history, which dates back to 4-5 centuries AD. In memory of this, ancient ramparts have been partially preserved, and Mount Krasnukha is a man-made mound. In the village itself, a wooden church from 1853 has been preserved. And also a chapel, which can be seen on the hill – this is a 1991 reconstruction, “she recalls.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise you

Photo: The outskirts of the Vitachov village are a good place for a picnic or a walk, where you will see views of the Dnieper (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)

The project of the chapel is taken from the sketch by Taras Shevchenko. A mill was built in the same year.

The film “The Guide” was filmed here, a Ukrainian historical dramatic film, the events in which take place in 1932-1933 in the Ukrainian SSR during industrialization, collectivization and on the eve and during the Holodomor and repression of representatives of the “Executed Revival”, adds Olga.

There is a free parking space and several tables at the entrance to Mount Rubukha.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise youPhoto: Olga Shcherban during the trip (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)

Balyko-Shchuchinka village: battle for Kiev – “Bukrinsky bridgehead”

“This is an incredibly strong and tragic place,” Olga notes.

She also provided historical information about the place. So, the Memorial in honor of the heroes of the military offensive operation “Bukrinsky Bridgehead” (1943), was built on the site of the ancient Russian settlement of Chuchin, which was first mentioned in the chronicles in the 11th century.

“In princely times, there was a fortress here that controlled the surroundings and the port on the Dnieper. Remains of the ramparts up to four meters high have survived, a partial reconstruction has been carried out, a monument to Boyan, the author of” The Lay of Igor’s Campaign, “has been erected, adds Olga.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise youPhoto: The village of Balyko-Shchuchinka is known for its historical event – the battle for Kiev (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)

In 1943, during the operation to liberate Kiev, Soviet troops, at the cost of terrible losses, crossed the Dnieper in this area and captured an 11-kilometer bridgehead, twice tried to launch an offensive on Kiev from here, but both times were unsuccessful.

“Terrain conditions were not taken into account, which impeded the offensive operations of the troops, especially the tank army. Human losses were colossal. According to the most conservative estimates, 250 thousand soldiers of the Soviet army were killed. This episode is considered one of the bloodiest in the entire Second World War,” writes it.

Khalepye village: incredible views of the Dnieper

“At first it may seem that there is nothing to” fish “in this small village. However, it is from here that incredible views of the Dnieper open. There is also a small lake where you can stop for a snack or go fishing,” Olga notes.

To contemplate the landscapes of Khalepje, she advises to go to the so-called “Krucha”. On the way from Vitachov, near the “Museum” sign, turn right, drive between private houses and see a rather steep sandy rise. It is easy to drive on it.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise youPhoto: Picturesque landscapes (Olga Shcherban)

“You climb up and immediately find yourself on the bank of the steep. Ezhoy! It’s very cool here when the sun begins to set – the sunset is incredible. The terrain is quite open, and therefore it can be hot here during the warm and sunny season. Consider these moments,” adds Olga.

She also indicated places that you can visit in addition to the route, or make a separate route out of them:


How to get there from Kiev: on by car on the Stolichnoye highway or the H01 highway.

It was in this village of the same name that Vikenty Khvoika discovered 120 years ago a Tripolye culture settlement dating back to the 5th century BC. Therefore, the main “highlight” of Tripillya are archaeological finds collected in the Kiev Regional Archaeological Museum.

Archaeological Museum: with. Tripolye, st. Heroes of Tripoli, 12. +38 (04572) 3-32-99. Working hours: 10: 00-17: 00, days off – Monday, Tuesday.

"Incredible places": a travel route in the Kiev region that will surprise youPhoto: Itinerary of the weekend from Kiev (facebook.com/Olga Shcherban)


How to get there from Kiev: by car along the Stolichnoye highway or the H01 highway.

Olga recommends starting your acquaintance with the Ukrainka with a visit to Divich-Gora, from where you can see the city and the Dnieper.

“In the city itself, we advise you to walk along the embankment and visit the city beach. Right there you can rent a yacht or boat and walk along the Dnieper or visit the neighboring islands. Clarification: a route option that can be composed of these objects: Ukrainka – Tripolye – Vitachov. In principle, this is a kind of “constructor” of five settlements, which you can put together in any order and according to your interests, “sums up Olga Shcherban.

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