Died rescuer, speleologist Igor Litvinov


08:18 23 July 2020, updated 13:37 23 july 2020


On July 22, at the age of 51, Igor Litvinov, head of the search and rescue unit No. 3 of the V. Polyakov Sakhalin search and rescue squad of the EMERCOM of Russia (branch of the FERPSO EMERCOM of Russia), died.

He worked in the Sakhalin PSO since May 18, 2004. He had a class 1 class lifeguard qualification, many additional specialties. During his work in the detachment, he has established himself as a conscientious, highly qualified, hardworking, executive worker. He took part in search and rescue operations on several occasions. He worked in 2007 during the liquidation of the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Nevelsk, helped the victims of the floods on the Amur in 2013.

In his spare time, Igor Vladimirovich was engaged in speleology and mountaineering. Descended into the deepest caves in the world – Voronya and Snezhnaya, located in Abkhazia. He organized speleological expeditions, including foreign ones – to Mongolia and Macedonia. Repeatedly worked on Mount Vayda in the Smirnykhovsky district of the Sakhalin region. He was last there in June 2020 – he was looking for new passages in the cave system, digging out the rubble of the collapsed rock.

Igor Litvinov has been doing social work for many years. He was the head of the laboratory of speleological research “Sarmat”, which was part of the YUSMOO-MPO “Frantirer”. He actively prepared and implemented grant projects at the city and regional levels. He was the organizer of several competitions in speleology and tourist training. The next competition he organized was to take place in September 2020.

“I remember the Far Eastern competition in rescue pentathlon in 2009 in Khabarovsk. At the stage that gave the most points (this is search and rescue operations in the natural environment), Igor, who was the captain of our team, began to use completely new methods of work for everyone. The judges are skeptical. reacted to the idea, calling it impossible, the rivals rejoiced, anticipating an easy victory, and I even tried to object to the captain, they say, why, let’s use proven tactics.But Igor, being a specialist of the highest class, dismissed all reproaches with one phrase If it turns out, no one can overcome the gap. And so it happened. For the first time in its history, the team of the Sakhalin detachment took first place. This case, he says a lot about Igor as a talented organizer and a real professional. Igor is generally one of those who could be relied on in absolutely any situation. With his death, the detachment suffered an irreparable loss, “says the acting head of Sakhali nsk search and rescue squad of the EMERCOM of Russia named after Polyakov Dmitry Kublitsky.

In the fall of 2009, Igor Vladimirovich took part in the search for a woman with her granddaughter who disappeared in the forests of the Makarovsky district. The search lasted more than a week and ended successfully – the missing were found exhausted, but alive.

In 2012, as a member of the Sakhalin team, Igor Litvinov took part in the international rescue competition in London. The experience he had gained while communicating with foreign colleagues and instructors in rescuing people in an accident, together with other rescuers of the detachment, passed on to employees of various units in the regions of the Sakhalin Region.

In April 2017, Litvinov was the head of a group that blasted ice on the Lyutoga River to prevent possible congestion and flooding of residential buildings. During his work, he received information that four people were carrying off to Aniva Bay on an ice floe, while the ice floe was decreasing in size before our eyes. Without hesitation for a second, I.V. Litvinov moved out with a group to the sea. They quickly launched the boat and took people in trouble from the ice floe at the moment when they were already standing back to back, because there was only eight legs left on the ice.

While on vacation, Igor Vladimirovich was worried about his business and regularly contacted colleagues who were working to find the recently missing man in the area of ​​the Quiet Man’s Bay, giving advice and suggesting places where the missing man might be.

The employees of the search and rescue unit, who worked side by side with Igor Vladimirovich, speak of him as a unique person. He always spoke straightforwardly, never misled. In the work, he excluded actions at random. I always thought over the upcoming operation “inside and out.” Thanks to the richest professional experience and constant study of the latest methodological developments, everyone, regardless of ranks and titles, listened to the opinion of Igor Vladimirovich. At the same time, he knew how to listen and hear his subordinates, and if a point of view different from his was reasonably expressed, he did not consider it shameful to change the decision in favor of a more balanced option.

The teams of the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Sakhalin Region and the PSO of the EMERCOM of Russia express their deep condolences to the family and friends of Igor Vladimirovich Litvinov. The bright memory of this amazing person will forever remain in our hearts.

Information about the time and place of farewell will be announced later.

Updated today at 12:21

Farewell to Igor Litvinov will take place on July 25 at 12.00 in the Church of St. Nicholas (Mira Avenue, 379a).

Updated today at 13:37

The team of YUSMOO MPO “Frantirer” expresses deep condolences to the relatives, friends and colleagues of Igor Litvinov.


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