RIVM: Number of infections (987) has risen sharply since last week NOW


In the past week, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) received 987 reports of persons who have tested positive for the corona virus. Last week’s update involved 534 new people.

There are also nineteen new recordings, three more than last week. Seven people died this week, that’s one more. “The new coronavirus is spreading again in the Netherlands,” RIVM says about the figures.

In South Holland, North Holland and Zeeland in particular, there has been an increase in the number of reports. RIVM reminds people to adhere to the measures: “keep your distance, wash your hands, sneeze and cough in the elbow and use paper tissues. This also applies to staying at home, working from home and testing with the first complaints”.

There are 96 local outbreaks across the country. In most cases, this concerns members of the same household. There was also a café in Hillegom that caused as many as 23 infections that have been confirmed so far.

Between July 13 and 19, almost 90,000 people had themselves tested, the week before that this involved more than 75,000 tests. 7.5 percent of the people tested positive have been abroad in the previous two weeks. That does not necessarily mean that they have become infected abroad.

Reproduction number is also increasing

The reproduction number (Rt), which measures how quickly the virus spreads, is 1.29 this week. “It is the first time since March 15 that the bandwidth of the Rt is completely above 1.0. This is also an indication that after a period of few infections, the spread of the coronavirus is increasing again in the Netherlands.”

After a positive result, the GGD always carries out a source and contact investigation. Since June 1, anyone with complaints can get tested. RIVM reports that there are probably more infections than have now been confirmed, because not everyone with complaints has a test performed.

Less than half of the people tested positive know where they got infected. More than half of the people with whom it is known have become infected in the home situation. About 4.1 percent has become infected in the catering industry, which has been 26 people in total in recent weeks.

Test results by the Netherlands ordered Oxford corona vaccine positive

On Monday it was announced that the first test results of the Oxford corona vaccine from which the Netherlands has reserved copies are positive. The drug is now in phase 3, in which a large group of people is investigating whether the drug protects effectively against the coronavirus.

Three other vaccines are currently or very soon being tested on humans on a large scale.


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