Coronavirus hits Romania, but Oltenians will take to the streets at night: “It may be at the airport and on the esplanade there!”


  • MioveniUTA Arad (Monday, time 17:30, Digi Sport 1)

  • Politehnica Iasi The future (Monday, time 20:00, Digi Sport 1)

Fans of Bănie are expected to take to the streets to welcome their favorites, despite the fact that today, July 19, They have registered 767 of infections with coronavirus in Romania.

Craiova expects fans on the streets: “It can be at the airport and on the esplanade there!”

Sorin Cârțu, the president of the University, stated that he expects expressions of joy from the fans.

“Footballers deserve to be greeted like this. It can be at the airport and on the esplanade there. They come to camp and they stop there. They will be the usual manifestations. In any case, it is important now to keep our feet on the ground.

Of course, it is excellent that I passed a millstone such as Botoșani. We still have steps to take if we want to be happy in the end “, he said exclusively at the Football Club.

Summary Botoșani – Craiova 0-2

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