Covid-19 cases increase in eastern provinces, should be prevented


Şehzade Demir, Secretary General of HÜDA PAR, issued a press release regarding the developments in the East and Southeast regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Speaking at the party’s press release at its headquarters in Ankara, Demir stated that there were some important epidemic problems in the East and Southeast provinces.

Demir said that they thought that the Covid-19 situation was not reflected to the media in the provinces in question, “The disease is spreading day by day. It is getting harder to cope with each passing day. In some provinces such as Gaziantep, it is stated that intensive care units are completely full, even heavy patients are not accepted and patients who need intensive care treatment are sent back to their homes. ” said.

“It is a disaster to line up the patients who need to be taken to intensive care.”

Demir stated that some of the problems experienced in line with the information they received were:

Although they need intensive care treatment, hospitals do not accept and send them home. When 112 services are called at home, they are instructed to ‘print your queue’. This table is truly a very sad situation for Turkey. It is a disaster to put the patients in the line that need to be taken to intensive care. Either we lose the patient until the turn is made to that patient, or it can be taken only after different serious diseases occur. In Diyarbakır and Batman, almost all of the families have Covid-19 patients, but they are not admitted to hospitals because there is no room in intensive care. According to the information we have obtained, patients have to do their own treatment. They find their own or familiar healthcare providers and have them treated by having serum added. They try to survive with these conditions.

“Intensive care support should be provided in the region”

In eastern and southeastern provinces iron, indicating that this moment with now 60 percent of the number of cases in Turkey of the present case, such a situation to support the state health sector is concerned, failure to establish the necessary infrastructure and patients with failure to create the environment to do the necessary treatment, he said it was a serious shortage.

Stating that this situation may cause more losses due to virus, Demir made the following suggestions:

“Immediate intensive care support should be provided. Mobile intensive care units can be opened. These mobile units can be sent to places such as Diyarbakır, Batman, Şırnak, Şanlıurfa and Cizre.

Private hospitals can be included in the scope of combating Covid-19 again and can benefit from the intensive care of the hospitals. Private hospitals were excluded from this scope recently and returned to normal routine functioning. However, there is a serious need for private hospitals at the moment. Since the intensive care units in Batman, Diyarbakır and similar cities are insufficient, even half of the need is not met at the moment and the patients are sentenced to death.

Also, if there are very urgent patients, of course there are. If the regional hospitals cannot meet these needs, this is also a reality. It is imperative that these patients are transported to the pandemic hospital in Ankara and especially in Istanbul by ambulance planes and treatments should be carried out there. In this regard, we invite the Minister of Health and health officials in the region to the task immediately. Let them take responsibility and take a serious central intervention to the problem. With this trend, this disease will cause crimes in the region. We call on the authorities and especially the government to the office. “ (İLKHA)


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