Work platform Maqqie grows a quarter despite COVID-19


GORINCHEM Despite a dip in April, the number of collaborations established via Maqqie rose by 26 percent in the second quarter. According to founder Pieter Leenman, it underlines the resilience of the Dutch economy. “Corona means there is an increasing need for flex, but with a social safety net and fair pay.”

The consequences of the pandemic have emphasized the disadvantages of ZZP constructions even more. Maqqie is the only work platform in which remuneration is automatically paid through the collective labor agreement applicable to that sector and all other forms of social security. Leenman: ,, You see the demand for a socially responsible flexible shell in these uncertain times. The risks for the employer are minimal, but employees are much better off. Naturally, you pay slightly more than with other online platforms, but still much less than with an employment agency. ”

RETAIL TRADE HARD DOWN This development means that the number of transactions in the second quarter increased to more than 81,000. This means an increase of 26 percent compared to the first quarter and an increase of 240 percent compared to the second quarter of 2019. “Retail sales fell sharply, but the construction and logistics sectors performed well above expectations,” explains Leenman. to. “The growth is mainly the result of an increasing number of new users. The existing user base showed an overall growth of 4 percent last quarter. ”

LICENSE MODEL It is striking that in recent months there has been a lot of interest from traditional employment brokers who understand that flexible work will increasingly be filled by online platforms in the coming years. Leenman: “Building a platform with full collective labor agreement integration is often impossible for them and requires a substantial investment. On the other hand, we benefit from the network of existing players. In the near future, we will therefore license parts of the Netherlands to a select number of employment intermediaries in order to increase our growth and coverage ratio. ”

OVER MAQQIE Maqqie is the first work platform with full collective labor agreement integration and offers social security contracts in the range from maximum flex to maximum fixed. Fully automatic, without the intervention of expensive third parties and without employer risks for the hirer. More than 650 companies have already registered and can easily collaborate with more than 10,000 employees who profile themselves on the platform. 15 employees work at Maqqie itself.

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