Coronavirus has ten people from the ICU Uherskohradisk hospital including a patient


He gave a positive patient to the anesthesiology and resuscitation department (ARO) at the hospital, but was not related to the case, said Egon Havrlant, a regional hospital.

The hospital took the necessary care. The tests on the staff were positive in nine cases, but for preventive reasons we sent the whole work to the thirteen-day quarantine, ie the medical staff, described the director of the Uherské Hradiště Hospital Petr Sldek.

Seven patients of the hospital peloila on the infectious disease department. In addition, the test is continuing, but no one has yet been diagnosed with the disease.

The operation of all other departments of the Uherské Hradiště Hospital is standard, intensive postoperative care is provided in the hospitals in Zlín and Krom.

The opera program at Uherskohradisk Hospital therefore does not need to be stopped or reduced now, Sldek said. Patients who are expected to need intensive care after the operation are treated for surgery at the Tome Bati Regional Hospital in Zlín or at the Kromsk Hospital.

Not where the patient needs a bag like this. As explained by the medical staff, a number of people after the surgery are monitored in the dormitory and the sweat is transferred without complications to the standard ward.

Unfortunately, coronavirus infection is still here and we will meet with these risks in hospitals and beyond for a long time to come, Radomr Marek, chairman of the boards of hospitals in the Zlín region, responded.

The disease was diagnosed in only one of the patients, but tests showed that the nurses were positive and did not tempt the workers, so it was necessary to close the whole work postoperatively intensive care, he added.

The condition of a patient who was intensively hospitalized in a multidisciplinary unit after foot surgery, values ​​as good. He has no symptoms, he is now separated from the infection, Marek explained.

Nvrat k psn hygiene

The tests will be repeated several days later on patients and healthcare professionals who may have come into contact with positive covives. Uherskohradisk Hospital has been cooperating with regional hygienists since the beginning.

It’s uncomfortable, but we reacted quickly and did our best to prevent any coronavirus. We re-enforced the hygiene measures, we call on patients and nurses to wear handkerchiefs throughout the area, focusing on strict adherence to hand hygiene, Sldek reminded.

If patients have sweat, such as fever, dyspnea, loss of blood, swelling, sweating, they should not go to the hospital, but contact their circuit doctor by phone. Stle so in the hospital salary order nvtv.


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