Study: Antibodies to the new coronavirus would not stay in the body for more than a few months


A study in the German city of Munich suggests that the antibodies produced by the body on contact with the new coronavirus do not stay in the body for more than a few months.

This lowers hopes for an effective vaccine or long-term immunity, the DPA reports, according to Agerpres.

Tests performed on patients treated at the Schwabing Clinic in Munich have shown a significant reduction in the level of neutralizing antibodies in the blood, said Clemens Wendtner, chief consultant at the hospital’s infectious diseases department.

In four of the nine patients, we see a reduction in neutralizing antibodies in a special test that can only be performed in a high-security laboratory. ‘Wendtner said.

The extent to which this affects long-term immunity and vaccination strategies is still speculative, but needs to be closely monitored.“The researcher added.

The results suggest that cured patients can be reinfected with the virus, but more research is needed to confirm this, Wendtner said.

The body’s immune response is made up of B cells, responsible for secreting antibodies, and T cells, capable of recognizing and destroying previously recognized antigens. Both are relevant for long-term immunity.

Wendtner’s findings are consistent with the results of other studies conducted in other countries. Chinese researchers reported in the scientific journal Nature that the level of antibodies to coronavirus in the blood dropped considerably after two months. This was especially evident in asymptomatic patients, who produced fewer antibodies and therefore had a weaker immune response, notes DPA.


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