OFFICIAL More than four months after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Romania, in four counties there is no accredited laboratory for PCR testing


Four counties in Romania do not have any accredited RT-PCR testing laboratory for the new coronavirus, although more than four months have passed since the outbreak. The Ministry of Health confirmed the data obtained a day ago by published exclusively on Saturday how many tests each county has performed since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. According to the information obtained by, there are four counties in which, so far, no COVID-19 test has been performed: Caraș Severin, Călărași, Giurgiu and Vâlcea. The population of these counties is tested in centers in other localities.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health published the list of all test centers for COVID-19 in the country, with addresses and telephone numbers.

Answering a question from the reporter, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health specified that the list includes all the laboratories accredited by ministerial order.

Caraș Severin, Călărași, Giurgiu and Vâlcea are the counties that do not appear in the official list published by the ministry with any laboratory accredited for performing tests. In fact, in these counties a relatively small total number of coronavirus cases have been detected so far, between 103 and 283.

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