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Coronaios – Thebes: quarantine doctors and nurses

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They were exposed to a case of coronary heart disease. What the information says about the incident.

Coronaios - Thebes: quarantine doctors and nurses
12 members of the staff of Thebes Hospital have been quarantined, after their exposure to a case of positive coronary heart disease.
In particular, according to information from the hospital commander, Mr. Chronaios, it was decided to quarantine, based on instructions of the National Health Organization (EODY), 6 doctors, 4 nurses and 2 ambulances from the hospital.
According to information, on Sunday night, a patient with epileptic seizure arrived at the ICU of Thebes Hospital, whose case was not suspicious.
The woman was taken to Thriasio Hospital in the morning, where, according to the same information, she was tested for coronary heart disease, which was positive. The woman is being treated, while for precautionary reasons 12 members of the staff of the Thebes Hospital are under house arrest, while according to the information they have no symptoms.

They will be tested in 3 days as planned, while the site and the CT scan will be disinfected at the ICUs where the woman who tested positive for the coronary artery was moved.


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