Terrible anti-record of Brazil: The country broke the bottom in the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus – Elijah Cusa: Terrible anti-record of Brazil: The country broke the bottom in the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus


Elijah Kusa

Elijah Kusa
Expert on international politics and the Middle East of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future

Supporters of Brazilian President Jairo Bolsonaro are protesting in San Pablo

1,349 people died in Brazil in one day. From coronavirus. The country broke the bottom in the number of infections and deaths. Now second only to the United States. Why did it happen?

Elijah Kusa writes about this on his page Facebook.

The sad record of Brazil.

Why so?

Because the president really wanted to get out of quarantine earlier.

Because its economy is worth (-1.5% of GDP for the 1st quarter, the services sector fell by 6.9%, industry – by 9.1% in March alone), people are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer, businesses are going bankrupt, and ratings are falling (-19% for 3 months).

Because, calling himself “tropical Trump”, Jair Bolsonaru willingly promotes conspiracy theories about the conspiracy of the Chinese, communists, UN officials and the Illuminati, who intended to mow down half the planet with the help of the coronavirus, while earning all the bills Gates and George.

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He did not believe in the coronavirus, devalued the fight against it and said that quarantine is not a way out, and it should be removed as soon as possible so that people can continue to live in “normal conditions.”

He wanted to get out of this quarantine as soon as possible, in which he did not believe that he even removed spas, gyms and hairdressers from the jurisdiction of local authorities, declaring them “strategic enterprises” and opening them in advance by his decree.

And, under pressure from the president, the Ministry of Health (already without a minister) issued recommendations for the use of the drug hydroxychloroquine, which advertised Trump as a treatment for coronavirus, contrary to the opinion of scientists and doctors.

In general, he seemed to have achieved his goal, but as a result:

  1. He came into conflict with local authorities, who sued him in the Supreme Court and refused to lift all quarantine restrictions.
  2. He came into conflict with the Supreme Court, trying to pressure the judges to stop investigating his interference in the work of the Federal Police (he fired the police chief who was investigating his sons’ corruption case).
  3. He came into conflict with the Federal Police, which was investigating a case against his sons for corruption, dismissing their chief.
  4. He deepened the conflict with the parliament, with which he had been at war since the beginning of his presidency in 2018. The Speaker of the Parliament has already been sent under 40 (!) Applications for the impeachment of Jair Bolsonar.
  5. He came into conflict with part of the government. He fired two health ministers who refused to lift the quarantine, and lost the justice minister, popular judge Sergio Moru, who initiated an investigation against his sons.
  6. He came into conflict with part of the army, which he called for to intervene and “take control” of the Supreme Court and parliament, to which the military waved a finger at his temple, hinting in an open letter that there would be no repeat of the 1964 coup.

All that Jair Bolsonar’s government has to hold on to for 2 years after his election is about a hundred members of parliament who (so far) support him and do not decide to vote for impeachment.

The coronavirus pandemic, we can say, utilized the power of Jair Bolsonar.

The example of Brazil clearly shows what bad decisions, chronic instability of domestic policy, lack of coordination, thoughtless populism and inefficient governance lead to.

Elijah Kusa

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