‘Due to the corona virus, Ferrari Vettel was no longer able to make a good offer’


It has been known since winter Charles Leclerc number one driver will be with him in the coming years Ferrari. The Monegask signed a commitment through 2024. The other driver of the team, Sebastian Vettel, can leave at the end of this year.

Coronavirus the cause?

According to Auto, Motor und Sport the corona virus has to do with the departure of Vettel. “Perhaps there would have been a future for Sebastian Vettel in Maranello with the original budget ceiling. But with the new restrictions due to the corona virus, Ferrari could no longer make a good offer to the German. ”
According to Martin Brundle, it is slightly different: “The collision of the Ferrari drivers in Brazil was the nail in the coffin for Vettel. Not because Vettel was blamed for this, but because Ferrari saw that two leaders did not work. ”

No trust

According to AMuS, the conversations in January with Carlos Sainz also noted that the team had little confidence in the two-lead model. In January, nothing was known about the future of Vettel.


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