Sobyanin will maintain a regime of restrictions in Moscow until the advent of a vaccine against coronavirus: Society: Russia:


The restriction regime introduced in Moscow due to the spread of coronavirus will continue until the vaccine appears, said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. It is reported TASS.

On May 27, the city mayor announced the weakening of restrictions on coronavirus from June 1. So, Muscovites will be allowed to walk without a pass, but with the observance of the new rules – in particular, when leaving the house, you must wear a mask and keep a distance from other passers-by.

In addition, from June 1, the work of all non-food trade and the provision of certain household services will resume.

According to the latest data, in Russia for the entire time of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 379 thousand cases of infection were detected, including 173.4 thousand cases in Moscow. More than 71 thousand infected in the capital recovered, 2.2 thousand died. Almost 100 thousand people remain active carriers. Federal authorities believe that Moscow is ready for the first and second lifting of restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

The regime of self-isolation, which, according to the authorities, all citizens must observe, has been in force in Moscow since April and will last at least until June 14.

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