Striking explanation about the coronavirus from the expert name: the course of the virus has changed that day …


Prof. Sivas Cumhuriyet University (SCU) Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and a member of the Provincial Pandemic Board. Dr. Ilhan Cetin, told the latest situation in Turkey coronavirus the chart.

Professor Dr. Çetin, Vice Dean Mustafa Karademir, Assoc. Dr. He stated that they closely follow the disease with the graphics they prepared together with Ahmet Altun and Faculty Secretary Binali Koç. Professor Dr. Cetin, both in the world and they created the university’s epidemiology team said that they closely follow Turkey’s statistics coronavirus.

Stating that the decrease in the number of cases in the last few days seriously gives everyone hope. Dr. Cetin, “we have prepared, Covidien-19 Turkey Day Case Number chart we have a rising branch also in the arm. Graph us by April 11 peak because we always think. After April 11 we see a decreasing trend in the case. We are so far in the big cities 6 times curfew We saw new fluctuations after 7 days in the periods when we made these restrictions.Only Monday and Tuesday, we see the peak of fluctuations after the increase of intensity and loosening of the measures, as well as the effect of the curfew last week. As a healthcare provider, we do not talk much about daily cases in this way, as healthcare providers, we talk about daily averages of 3 days, 5 days and 7 days. ” said.

Professor evaluating on the number of patients recovering chart. Dr. Çetin said, “Our disease heals about 14 days after the disease first appears. It starts slowly at the beginning and then rises rapidly. The important date for us is the date of April 24. This is the date when the number of patients who recovered in the same way as the number of cases we found daily coincides. This was an important point as public healthcare professionals. The number of people recovering from this date has started to rise rapidly. ”


Stating that there is no change in the virus, Professor. Dr. “Recently, has there been a decrease in the effect of the virus with the decrease in the number of cases?” People are asking this question to each other, rather than now, there are now a number of cases in Brazil, Russia, and especially South America. There is no change in the behavior of the virus. Only this change comes from our behavior. We are familiar with the virus, the virus has three must-have enemies, one of which is isolation, the second is the protection of the social distance, and the third is the mask. We have our own precautions, distance, masked and staying at home. As the social measures are loosened, a number of openings have been made. We also welcome these. God forbid it would be very bad. ”


Reminding that the festive measures can give effective results in the fight against the disease, Prof. Dr. Çetin said, “If we pay attention to our precautions, we get sick less than 1 in 4. We learned socially. Our nation has now turned the information into behavior. It is important and valuable for us. We will continue to be cautious in this way. 11 dates It was very important for us, so we saw our first case on March 11, we peaked on April 11, we did our expansion on May 11. Hopefully we will see the numbers of 300 as of June 11. We decided to have a 4-day holiday from today. I find it very positive and valuable. I think “he said.


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