At least eleven people infected with coronavirus after visiting restaurant Leer (update)


These are the first infections in an eatery since the restaurants in the state of Lower Saxony were allowed to reopen two weeks ago. According to the German NDR at least seventy people are quarantined.

Forty guests

According to German media, the restaurant reopened on May 15. The infections were said to have taken place during a meeting with about forty guests. The Ostfriesen Zeitung reports this. The guests are said to have been a doctor who had flu complaints at the beginning of this week and subsequently tested positive for corona. All people who came into contact with him were tested on this.

The restaurant owner, who is also infected himself, denies that there was a party going on. “The staff wore face masks and we adhered to the distance rules,” he says.

Not all results in

According to NDR, there are witness statements claiming that there must have been violation of the rules because people shook hands, and not all guests had mouth and nose protection and did not distance themselves enough.

In addition to the restaurant owner, nine guests are said to have tested positive. The eleventh tested positive would have been infected by one of the other ten. The number may increase, because not all test results have been received yet. The restaurant would also have been open for at least three days after the contamination.

Two meters

Germany announced on April 20 that Länder could relax certain corona measures. The restaurants in Lower Saxony had to take the necessary precautions when it opened on May 11. For example, a distance of two meters must be between the tables, waiters must wear face masks and customers must leave their names, addresses and telephone numbers so that they can be easily traced if an infection occurs.

Consequences for the Netherlands?

The Royal Horeca Netherlands (KHN) department in Groningen cannot say whether these infections have consequences for the Dutch catering industry. ‘We coordinate the precautionary measures in the catering industry here in the Netherlands with the RIVM and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and our protocol is geared to this. We do not know how and whether the ministry takes contamination situations abroad into account, ‘says Irene van der Velde of the Groningen department of KHN.

Earlier there were seven people, reporter Remco in ‘t Hof knows more about the measures:

This message was supplemented, among other things, with a response from the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland department Groningen. The message was later updated after it was announced that it concerned at least eleven people.


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