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The number of people infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes pneumonia COVID-19, is still increasing in the world. Currently, more than 5 million people are infected with coronavirus, according to the international group of volunteers Worldometers. Over 325 thousand died from the consequences of the disease, more than 1.9 million people recovered. DW monitors the development of events on May 20 (Moscow time).

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According to the World Health Organization, in the last 24 hours all over the world revealed an unprecedented number of new infections: 106 thousand. So many infections have never been detected in one day. Of particular concern are rising rates in poor countries.

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AT USA two churches again ceased public worship, writes The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, it is, in particular, about the Church of the Holy Spirit in Texas, where a priest died from COVID-19 and the coronavirus was detected in five more people who were present at the services. In Texas, services have resumed since early May, subject to distance and other rules. The archdiocese assures that all requirements in the church were respected. In one of the churches in Georgia, public services, which were resumed in April, also ceased. According to The Washington Post, coronavirus infection was detected in several families in the church community.

Hotels will open in Ukraine on May 22

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In Kiev during quarantine

In Kiev during quarantine

AT Ukraine May 22, a new phase in the relaxation of quarantine measures will begin, said In his Telegram channel, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. In particular, hotels (without restaurants) and public transport (except the metro) will resume work. It will also be possible to hold sports competitions again (up to 100 participants and without spectators) and worship services (not more than one person per 10 square meters). The official decree will be published on May 21.

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Concern “Radioelectronic Technologies” (KRET, part of Rostec) said it was the target of discrediting due to the situation around the fires in the city clinical hospital named after S.I. Spasokukotsky in Moscow and St. George’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, occurred, presumably due to a malfunction of the apparatus for artificial lung ventilation (mechanical ventilation). In both hospitals, Avent-M ventilation devices manufactured by KRET were used. Roszdravnadzor suspended the use of devices during the investigation of fires.

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AT The NetherlandsIn all likelihood, the first case of human coronavirus infection from mink occurred. An animal from an animal in a fur-breeding farm that recently caught an outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 was infected from an animal, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food reported. The government now intends to take additional measures and prematurely close all mink farms. Previously, they were supposed to close until 2024. At the end of April, coronavirus was detected in several minks at two fur-breeding farms in the province of North Brabant.

In Ukraine, restrictions on the operation of public transport and kindergartens will be relaxed

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The president Of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged that the peace process in the Donbass was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at the conference on the first anniversary of the inauguration, he said he was giving himself a few more months to solve the problem. At the same time, he expressed readiness for direct negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and promised that after the pandemic he would return all Ukrainian political prisoners from Russia and the annexed Crimea.

At the same time Zelensky said that the positive dynamics of coronavirus infection in Ukraine allows us to begin further easing of restrictive measures. In particular, he announced the possibility of easing restrictions on public transport from May 22 and kindergartens from May 25.

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Russian Council of the Federation approved a draft amendment to the electoral law providing for the possibility of remote voting and adopted by the State Duma in three readings at once on May 13. According to the new rules, the CEC of the Russian Federation can apply voting by mail or electronic voting in federal and local elections, as well as referenda. It is noted that this law was adopted, in particular, in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus and the limitations caused by it.

New Zealand Offers Four-Day Workweek

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Ardern proposed moving to a four-day workweek as a new measure to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. A shorter and more flexible schedule would allow, in particular, to revive domestic tourism in a situation where the country’s borders for foreign tourists continue to remain closed., She said in a message posted on social networks. In addition, in this way it would be easier to combine professional activities and parenting.

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AT Of Russia Coronavirus vaccine is being developed on 14 platforms, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. At the same time, Russian scientists are working on the creation of 47 different drugs, and five drugs from coronavirus undergo clinical trials, she said. 3.1 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget for the development of test systems and vaccines from SARS-CoV-2.

Golikova also said that a number of regions have the ability to remove quarantine measures. “Today, according to the most key indicator – the distribution coefficient – they can go to the first and even subsequent stages of 17 regions of the country,” she said, speaking in the Federation Council. Moreover, in 13 regions, the level of spread of SARS-CoV-2 exceeds 210.2 infections per 100 thousand people, she said.

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AT Of Spain a decree has been issued on the mandatory use of protective masks outside the home; it will enter into force on May 21, the Ministry of Health in Madrid said. It is mandatory to wear masks for all adults and children from six years old indoors. On the street, the rule applies in all cases when it is impossible to maintain a minimum social distance of 2 meters.

Latvia will not extend the state of emergency

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State of emergency in Latvia may be filmed in June, said Prime Minister Krishjanis Karins on the LTV channel. According to him, the authorities are faced with the task of not extending the state of emergency operating in the country from March 13 to June 9. Instead, they intend to adopt a special law in Riga that gives the authorities the power to quickly respond to the situation with the spread of coronavirus.

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According to Russian banks, in April, salaries and spending of Russians on credit cards decreased. The level of utilization (share of the used limit) of credit cards in April decreased to 47.4 percent, in March the figure was 53.1 percent. This is the strongest decline over the past five years, and the utilization rate fell to the level of the beginning of 2015, RBC reports citing data from the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH). The decline was also confirmed by Otkritie Bank and Raiffeisenbank. The banks noted a decrease in credit card turnover in April.

In addition, eight of the 30 largest Russian banks revealed a decrease in their customers’ salaries by 3-10 percent in April. Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff Bank, Rosbank, MKB, St. Petersburg Bank, Unicreditbank and Citibank announced a reduction in payments, writes At the same time, salary reduction indicators in April were smoothed out due to bonuses and bonuses traditionally paid in April, so the real picture will be revealed in May-June.

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The total number of officially registered SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections worldwide exceeded the five millionth mark. According to a group of volunteers Worldometer, this indicator amounted to 5,000 599 people, 325 156 people died from the consequences of the disease, 1 970 918 recovered.

In Russia – more than 308 thousand cases of SARS-CoV-2

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Document control in Vladivostok

Document control in Vladivostok

The number of cases of SARS-CoV-2 detected in the last day Of Russia amounted to 8764, 135 people died, the operational headquarters said. Thus, the total number of people infected in the Russian Federation increased to 308,705 people, who died – to 2,972. The growth rate of infections dropped to + 2.9%, which is the lowest rate since the beginning of the sharp increase in the incidence rate in Russia, is indicated below.

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In Central Asia, the number of confirmed cases of infection with the SYRS-CoV2 virus over the past day has increased by 530 to 13,550, Interfax reports citing data from the national Ministry of Health. So, in Kazakhstan 6969 cases of infection were noted, in Kyrgyzstan – 1270, in Uzbekistan – 2880, in Tajikistan – 1936 cases. The number of deaths from coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours has not remained the same – 103.

Tegel Berlin Airport allowed to close due to coronavirus

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AT Berlin Tegel Airport may close ahead of schedule. If in the coming weeks there will not be a significant increase in passenger traffic, then from June 15, a two-month break will be made at the airport, a representative of the Berlin Senate said. In this case, all flights will be transferred from Tegel to another Berlin airport – Schönefeld. In 2019, Tegel served more than 24 million passengers and is therefore one of the four largest airports in Germany along with Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. At the end of 2020, Tegel is scheduled to be closed completely in connection with the opening of the new Berlin BER airport.

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British engineering concern Rolls-royce holdings will reduce 9 thousand employees in the framework of the restructuring, which will be carried out in connection with the projected decline in demand from manufacturers of civil aircraft. Thus, about 17 percent of the approximately 52 thousand employees of the concern will be dismissed. Restructuring measures of the concern, which specializes primarily in the manufacture of aircraft engines for civilian and military aircraft and helicopters, will save annually more than 1.3 billion pounds.

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Because of the situation with the coronavirus, it was not possible to export all North Korean workers from Russia, Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Alexander Matsegora told Interfax. “In connection with the complete closure of borders to citizens DPRK, who were abroad at the end of January, have still not been able to return to their homeland, “he said, adding that” this also applies to Korean workers who were in Russia. “

The total number of infections in Ukraine exceeded 19 thousand

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AT Ukraine over the past 24 hours, 354 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified, 16 people have died, 323 have recovered. The total number of infections increased to 19,230, deaths – to 564, the Minister of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov said at a briefing in Kiev.

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Schools in Poland will remain closed until the summer holidays beginning in late June, a government spokesman in Warsaw said. Educational institutions were closed in March after the first case of coronavirus was detected in Poland, and teaching is carried out remotely.

In China, five new cases of coronavirus per day

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Passers-by in Beijing

Passers-by in Beijing

In mainland China over the past 24 hours, five new cases of SARS-CoV-2 have been identified. Four of them are talking about infections within the country, another is “imported” from abroad, said the Beijing Health Commission. Thus, the total number of detected cases of coronavirus in China is 82,965, the number of deaths remained unchanged – 4634.

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The chairman World Medical Association (Weltärztebund) Frank Ulrich Montgomery (Frank Ulrich Montgomery) advocated for mandatory vaccination of the population against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus after the appearance of the necessary medication. When the vaccine is available, but some citizens refuse to be vaccinated, they will pose a threat to those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, he said. “Therefore, we need to vaccinate as many people as possible,” Montgomery said in an interview with Funke media. In turn, the German government is opposed to compulsory vaccination against coronavirus. According to the German Association of Research Pharmaceutical Companies VFA, more than 120 projects to create a vaccine against coronavirus are currently underway worldwide.

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The eleventh day in a row the number of new infections in Germany does not exceed 1000. According to the Robert Koch Institute, over the past day in the country 797 cases of SARS-CoV-2 were detected in the country, the total infection rate thereby increased to 176 007. The number of deaths increased by 83 to 8090. The number of people recovered in Germany increased by 1.2 thousand to 156.9 thousand people.

Caracas imposes curfew in border cities

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Masked migrant in the colors of the flag of Venezuela

Masked migrant in the colors of the flag of Venezuela

In cities Venezuelalocated near the border with Brazil and Colombia, a curfew is introduced in connection with the growth of a new type of virus infected. This was stated by Minister of Communications and Information Jorge Rodriguez on state television. According to the head of the department, in this South American country, 131 cases of infection were detected per day – the maximum figure in 24 hours. The authorities attribute the increase in the number of infected to the return of migrants from Brazil, where the pandemic is gaining momentum. The absolute numbers in Venezuela are not very high: 618 people with SARS-CoV-2, and 10 dead.

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Amount of state aid already approved and paid by federal and land authorities Germany, reaches 12 billion euros, funds are transferred to about 1.5 million small businesses and self-employed affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by the newspaper Rheinische Post, citing the ministries of finance and economics. The largest number of applications (475,000) came from the most densely populated land in Germany – the North Rhine – Westphalia.

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Economic performance The United States will decline by 11 percent in the second quarter (37.7 percent year on year) amid a loss of about 26 million jobs. This is stated in the promulgated interim forecast of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). At the same time, experts assess the worsening situation on the labor market “as the sharpest since the 1930s,” when the Great Depression began in the country after the stock market crash.

A British veteran who raised funds to fight COVID-19 will be made a knight

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British 100 year old WWII veteran Tom Moore, who helped raise 32.7 million pounds (36.8 million euros) to fight against coronavirus, will be elevated to the knighthood. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proposed to make him Sir. In anticipation of his anniversary, Moore launched a charity event, promising with the help of walkers to do 100 laps in his garden and collect at least 1000 pounds (1126 euros) for the NHS Charities Together, which supports the National Health Service of Great Britain.

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In the territory Derbent Central City Hospital in Dagestan, where there has been an increase in the number of infections with coronavirus infection, an emergency regime will be introduced. This was reported by a representative of the city administration following a meeting of the republican operational headquarters. According to the head of the administration of Derbent, Khizri Abakarov, from March 30 to May 15, 550 people were hospitalized with suspected pneumonia and coronavirus infection in the clinic. The Minister of Health of the region, Jamaludin Gadzhiyibragimov, previously reported that 657 people died from community-acquired pneumonia in Dagestan, including more than 40 doctors.

COVID-19 mortality peaks in Brazil

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In Brazil 1 179 people died from coronavirus-related diseases per day, the country’s ministry of health said. This is the highest ever pandemic. The total number of deaths was 17,971. According to AFP, far-right president Jair Bolsonaru is in open conflict with most of the governors of the 27 states of the country as he downplays the pandemic and insists on stopping restrictive measures to save the economy.

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Ivan Duque addresses the nation

Ivan Duque addresses the nation (photo from the archive)

Mandatory quarantine imposed in colombia from the end of March, extended for another week – until May 31. This was announced by President Ivan Duque. The decision to extend the power was made for the fourth time. In addition, the health emergency regime, which was supposed to end with the onset of June, will remain in force until the end of August. In total, the country has almost 17 thousand infected and over 600 dead.

All US states partially resume business operations

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All 50 US states are partially resuming their businesses. This was stated by Vice President USA Michael Pence in the White House at a meeting of members of the American administration. “America is returning. I am proud to inform you that, according to our information, today all 50 US states are partially resuming their economies,” he stressed.

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Embassy RF in the USA demanded from Bloomberg to refute publication “How Putin’s Russia Could Not Cope with Containing a Pandemic”. The material, in particular, said that the “rapid spread of” infection in Russia “exposed all the weaknesses of the Russian healthcare system. “According to official data, in the Russian Federation on May 19, 299,941 cases were detected, while only 2,837 people were registered dead from COVID-19.

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Lack of clean water and disinfectants in Aden (Yemen)

Lack of clean water and disinfectants in Aden (Yemen)

Chapter World Bank (WB) David Malpass predicts that up to 60 million people in developing countries may fall below the poverty line in the coming months. According to the estimates of the international financial organization, the global economy is facing a fall of about 5 percent this year. Malpass added that since the start of the pandemic, the WB has provided funds for emergency health programs to about 100 countries, which account for about 70 percent of the world’s population.

English Premier League reports six infections

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English football Premier League (Premier League) announced the results of the first stage of the mass testing for coronavirus, conducted on May 17 and 18. Six positive test results were revealed for representatives of three submarine clubs, their names were not disclosed. Infected for seven days transferred to self-isolation. A total of 748 tests were carried out, both players and club staff passed tests.

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Dormitory for refugees and migrants in Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate) with 113 inhabitants moved to quarantine due to the large number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection. According to the city administration, last week a positive test result for a new type of virus was registered with his father, and the remaining nine members of his family, as well as a neighboring child, were later recognized as infected. The sick are isolated.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has been ineffective in controlling the spread of coronavirus. This opinion was expressed in an interview with DW Bundestag deputy from the Free Democratic Party, Andrew Ullmann. “I would give her three with a minus, since many things at WHO do not work very well,” he said. “All countries of the world must demonstrate solidarity and make efforts to reform WHO,” the politician emphasized. Ulman, who holds a Harvard Medical School diploma in infectology, added that funding for this global organization is “too low.” At the same time, speaking about the order of numbers, he compared it with the budget of the Berlin clinic of the Charité clinic, adding that it was actually more. “You will receive a powerful organization only if you have powerful funding,” Ulman emphasized. Commenting on the statement by the President of the United States, about 700 residents of Dagestan died of pneumonia outside of coronavirus statistics. And Donald Trump, who is the “puppet of China”, Ulman expressed the opinion that the organization is essentially a “puppet of many countries.” On the night of May 19, the head of the White House issued an ultimatum to WHO and threatened to terminate the membership of the United States in this body.

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