Another person infected with coronavirus arrived in Yuzhno-Kurilsk


12:25 May 20, 2020, updated 12:26 May 20, 2020

Two cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in the South Kuril region.

Recall that on May 13 a man arrived on Sakhalin with a flight from Moscow. Smears for coronavirus were taken from him and an order was issued to be observed. On the same day, he fraudulently departed by plane to Kunashir. On May 15, the result of his analysis was obtained – he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

On May 18, the patient was sent on a flight to Sakhalin. According to Tatyana Zoloedova, the head doctor of the South Kuril Central District Hospital, while the patient was isolated in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, his preventive treatment was carried out.

“The patient was treated in accordance with the recommendations of the regional freelance infectious disease specialist. A full range of anti-epidemiological measures was carried out. The patient and two first-order contact persons were placed in different boxes,” the head doctor emphasized.

In addition, as reported in the district administration, another person with a coronavirus arrived in Yuzhno-Kurilsk. Yesterday his diagnosis was confirmed in a laboratory. The man arrived on May 2 in the South Kuril region from vacation. He was isolated and was under the supervision of doctors.

The administration, together with Rospotrebnadzor and the central district hospital, worked closely yesterday to identify contact persons. Contact passengers of the flight for May 2, as well as members of their families were identified and localized (a total of 84 people were observed on the flight).

In total, as of 9 am on May 20, 2 people were registered in the district with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection, both of them were sent for treatment to the infectious diseases hospital in Dolinsk.

Updated today at 12:26

Three new patients arrived in the region with Moscow and Novosibirsk flights, the PSO press service adds.

Moreover, two of them are military personnel who returned from vacations to Kunashir and Sakhalin. Upon arrival, they were immediately placed on self-isolation. Upon receipt of positive tests, they were immediately hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital. Another new patient in the hospital is an engineer who arrived on the island to work from Tatarstan.

Together with the arrival of new patients, the doctors issued an extract of four patients – they suffered a mild illness, but they will be observed at the place of residence for another two weeks.

Total on May 20 in the Sakhalin Oblast 60 cases of the disease, 33 was discharged with recovery, 27 continue treatment.


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