The kindergarten reports a child with coronavirus, the whole class must be quarantined!


“Due to the fact that there was one child in the Bear class who tested positive for Covid-19, the Bear class will have to be quarantined from Monday 18 to Thursday 28 May,” said mother director Stanislav Zelený. He learned about the sick child from hygienists on Saturday.

The child went to class from Monday to Wednesday, he said he had no symptoms of the disease. Green emphasized that all hygiene measures were followed, such as more frequent hand washing, greater spacing when eating or using disinfectants.

“On Sunday or Monday there will be a collection with children and teachers from the Bear class. If someone is subsequently positive, which will be shown on Tuesday or Wednesday, then other measures will be taken, as I was instructed. One of the measures would be the possibility closure of the entire kindergarten, “he admitted in a statement on the web director.

He added that all employees and parents had already received information about the occurrence of the disease, so that they could decide whether to send their children to the nursery in the following days.

Information on the infection was also confirmed by the mayor of Prague-Suchdol Petr Hejl (STAN, SOS) at the request of “I know this directly from the principal. Everything is under the direction of the hygienists, of course we will help the kindergarten – for example with disinfecting the class,” said Hejl, according to whom it will also be important now whether the virus will be confirmed in other children.

Due to the pandemic, only a fraction of kindergartens operated. Watch the TV Nova report:


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