In Russia, the head physician was fired after accruing to doctors treating COVID-19 for 27 rubles each: Society: Russia:


The chief doctor of the Central Interdistrict Hospital No. 3 in the city of Kozelsk, Kaluga Region, was fired after the doctors treating COVID-19 received payments of 27 rubles. This was reported in the Ministry of Health of the region, reports TASS.

The acting head physician held a meeting with the team, at which it turned out that the former hospital management “did not sufficiently clearly and precisely inform the staff about how and to whom the payments apply.”

The Ministry of Health added that the problem was quickly resolved. Over the next week, hospital management and staff will look into each case. Those who “objectively cannot claim payments” will be assisted by taking money from other sources, the ministry assured.

On May 14, the Kaluga News publication published an appeal by an employee of the visiting team of Hospital No. 3, which provided a screenshot of the message about the transfer of 27 rubles 93 kopecks. According to her, the administration said that they had an order to calculate payments “according to the minutes spent directly in contact with an infected patient.” At the same time, medical staff were not allowed to familiarize themselves with the order. In addition, the receipts did not indicate that they were payments for work with the coronavirus, as they were allegedly carried out urgently, and the documents had already been generated.

Earlier May 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin called The clerk’s job is to pay officials who work with coronavirus. The head of state said that he didn’t instruct to count the hours of employment of doctors, but the fact of their work. He reported back to authorities and heads of medical institutions, and also demanded that money be allocated to doctors during the day, promising to verify the fulfillment of the order early next week.

Over the past day in Russia 10 598 new cases of infection with coronavirus were recorded. In total, 262 843 cases were detected in 85 regions of the country, the number of convalesces increased to 58 226.

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