Coronavirus (coronavirus) in Turkey last case statement: May 6, corona virus risk map map Covidien 19


The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that half the population of Yemen may be affected by the coronavirus.

Despite the epidemic in Burundi, the ruling party held an election rally, involving tens of thousands of people, without taking any hygiene and social distance measures.

Thousands of Israelis protested the restrictions imposed on Kovid-19 in the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bir’us Seb’a and Kefr Kasım.

Measures are being removed worldwide

In India, the armed forces organized a demonstration flight for paramedics fighting the outbreak in cities such as the capital New Delhi, Mumbai, Laknov, Goa, and Çennai.

In Bulgaria, the terrace and garden sections of the restaurants, as well as the running tracks of the stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts and some other sports facilities will be reopened.

Public facilities closed in South Korea will be reopened. It has been reported that facilities such as museums, parks and sports centers will be opened on May 6, and students will return to schools gradually.

While it is reported that individual worship will be allowed in churches and mosques in Greece, some shops such as barbers, hairdressers and florists will be opened and classes will be started in high schools.

Egyptian authorities announced that in the mosques that were closed due to Kovid-19, the congregation prayer could be performed in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

In the city of Kirkuk, Iraq, a curfew was declared for the second time in the last two months due to the epidemic.


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