Coronavirus – Retailers want clear rules for shopping streets


Retailers want an unambiguous approach to regulate the bustle in the shopping street. This is confirmed by the umbrella organization for retailers Detailhandel Nederland after reporting in The Telegraph. Detailhandel Nederland wants to discuss this with the security regions as soon as possible.

“Outside the store, it should be as safe for shoppers as it is inside,” a spokeswoman explains. She points to the in-store protocol, with protective plexiglass and a maximum number of people in the store. The in-store approach is applied in the same way everywhere, while out-of-store precautions vary, the organization emphasizes. It is difficult for consumers if something is allowed in one municipality and not allowed in another, says Detailhandel Nederland.

The umbrella organization emphasizes that the rules for the shopping street must go further than keeping a 1.5 meter distance. Practical solutions must be found that structurally reduce the bustle on the shopping street, such as one-way traffic. The organization is also thinking of traffic rules for passers-by, such as a prohibition from turning left or right from the central shopping street to alleys that are often narrow.


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