From Spain to China, people crowded into public spaces, risking spreading the coronavirus again


The foreign press writes that – in countries where population restrictions have relaxed – people have taken to the streets in large numbers and even visited tourist attractions. In other states, however, there can be no such thing.

In Shanghai, for example, more than a million tourists visited the area’s 130 tourist attractions on Friday and Saturday, according to the (state-controlled) Xinhua news agency.Specifically, on Friday, 456,000 tourists would have visited the tourist attractions in the area. On Saturday, another 633,000 tourists were reported, the news agency reported, according to CNN.

Whether or not the numbers are real is hard to say. Authorities had recently announced that as in Wuhan – the site of the Covid 19 pandemic west of Shanghai – authorities had announced that things would soon return to normal. A CNN team found, however, that this is not the case at all. Thus, although some restrictions have been lifted in Wuhan, many people are still afraid to leave their homes because they fear a second wave of the pandemic.

And in Europe things are quite complicated. In Spain, for example, on Saturday morning, the restrictions imposed on March 14 were relaxed, and people were allowed to leave their homes, according to a well-established plan. People were divided into age groups. And each group was allowed to leave the house within a certain time frame.

This relaxation comes after seven dark weeks, in which they reported over 216,000 cases of infection and over 25,000 deaths caused by Covid 19. And – whether they were afraid or not – people took to the streets in large numbers, transmitted Euronews.

For example, Rosanna West told Euronews reporters that she was happy for a child to immortalize her legs after 7 weeks of isolation.

“It was nice to rediscover that we still live in Barcelona, ​​not in any post-apocalyptic world.

However, I saw people eager to move who were running almost shoulder to shoulder. And without wearing masks. Somewhere, it seems to me that we are still too close to the fire and we risk getting cold, “said Rosanna West.Claudia Castrejon – also from Barcelona – said she did not see how life could be resumed before the pandemic without the number of cases increasing.

“As contagious as the virus is, it’s hard to believe that the number of cases won’t increase. It’s all about not growing too much,” she said.

Spain has prepared a detailed plan for the resumption of public life after the pandemic.

For the first time, the activity will be resumed in the less affected provinces and in those in which the social assistance conditions are performing.

In contrast, in other European countries, the epidemiological situation does not yet allow the resumption of daily life. In our country, for example, the restrictions remain in force until May 15. Britain has not yet decided when it will relax the restrictions, again France has extended its state of emergency until mid-summer.

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