PAOK: Coronation test for the entire football department before returning to training


Countdown for PAOK that returns to the field after the necessary tests for coronary arteries are done first

After almost seven weeks, PAOK’s players are preparing to return to the facilities of Nea Mesimvria, with different terms and conditions from those that applied regarding the training in the pre-colonial era. In the “Biceps of the North” they put a bow so that the first training will take place on Wednesday (6/5). To make this happen, both the players and the rest of the football department (coaches, caretakers, coaching staff) will undergo a coronary test on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Once the results are out, the training will begin (for those who are, of course, negative) based on the safety protocol set, with the staff working to be as minimal as possible. The only PAOK player to be abroad is Angel Crespo. After contacting the Spanish central defender it was decided to stay in Spain to continue the recovery program, with both sides in contact to launch the best possible solution for his return to Thessaloniki


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