In the Nikolaev area reported the third death from a coronavirus – Coronavirus


A 64-year-old woman died from COVID-19 complications.

On Friday, May 1, in the Nikolaev area reported the third lethal incident a new type of coronavirus.

A 64-year-old resident of Domanivka, Domanivsky District, died from COVID-19 complications. About it reports the Nikolaev regional headquarters on liquidation of consequences of emergency.

“Was hospitalized on 04/19/2020 to KNP” Nikolaev regional center of treatment of infectious diseases “with suspicion of coronavirus infection COVID -19. Date of death – 04/30/2020.” – the message says.

In addition, within 24 hours in Mykolaiv region, the presence of COVID-19 was confirmed in 14 more people. In total, 140 people have taken the new coronavirus infection since the outbreak in the area. Of these, three patients died from the complications of the disease, while six others recovered and were discharged from medical institutions. It is noted that there are 33 health workers among the infected.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine closed for visitors popular sea coasts in the Nikolaev area. We are talking about Koblev, Rybakivka, Maritime and the coast of Tiligul estuary.

14 As of 10 am on May 01, 14 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were detected in the Mykolaiv region. Total …
Posted The Nikolaev regional headquarters on liquidation of consequences of emergency Friday, May 1, 2020

We will remind, on March, 11th The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced quarantine for three weeks throughout Ukraine to counteract the coronavirus from China. The Cabinet of Ministers proposed imposing restrictions on holding mass events in which 200 or more people are scheduled to attend. But this does not apply to government measures. Sports events are possible with the permission of international organizations, without spectators.

Also Ukraine closes borders. Work subway as well as road, rail and air services between cities and oblasts from March 18 in Ukraine will also be temporarily restricted. A number of regions have closed educational institutions and imposed a number of rigid restrictions – from closing of catering establishments before the ban on entry and entry into the city.

2 weeks later, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced an emergency regime throughout Ukraine and extended the quarantine for a month – until April 24. April 3 quarantine strengthened: imposed a mandatory 14-day observation for people arriving from abroad, forbidden to move on the streets of more than two people, except in cases of escorting children. April 22 quarantine extended until May 11.

In Ukraine, March 3 recorded the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. The resident of Chernivtsi region was infected. It wasn’t long before returned with his wife from Italy. On the evening of March 12 in Ukraine, two more cases of coronavirus infection have been officially confirmed. Infections were recorded in Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr regions. A woman from Zhytomyr region died of infection, becoming the first the victim of COVID-19 in Ukraine.

After that about detection of coronavirus began to report in other areas. The epicenters of the outbreak in Ukraine have become the Chernivtsi region and the city of Kiev, where the disease is diagnosed the most. For the latest news on the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, the number of patients and fatal cases, as well as the means of fighting COVID-19, visit the website

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