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The star passed the test for the detection of antibodies and he gave a positive result.

The singer believes that she suffered the disease asymptomatically / Photo: amur.infoThe singer believes that she suffered the disease asymptomatically / Photo:

American singer 61-year-old Madonna said she is no longer afraid of contracting a coronavirus because she has antibodies to COVID-19. The star passed an antibody test, and it gave a positive result.

Popdeva was isolated in her own estate in London with her boyfriend and children. On a personal page on Instagram, Madonna often publishes conversational videos behind a typewriter, which focuses on the theme of coronavirus. In this format, she reported the news to her subscribers on the social network.

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Despite the fact that doctors still do not undertake to claim that the presence of antibodies precludes the possibility of infection, Madonna is convinced that she does not face a deadly disease. The singer is convinced that she was ill asymptomatically and is now not at risk.

The performer, who has been in quarantine for more than a month, is now ready to violate the regime of self-isolation and enjoy freedom. The star decided to unwind and arrange a trip by car.

“Another day will come tomorrow, I’m going to wake up and feel different. So tomorrow, I’m just going to drive a car, I will lower the glass and inhale the air with COVID-19. That’s it! I hope that the sun will shine” – emphasized Madonna.

It is worth noting that the opinion of doctors around the world differs from the beliefs of a celebrity. They claim that a positive test result for antibodies to coronavirus is a consequence of the fact that a person has suffered a related disease. Now it is not clear whether these antibodies can protect the immune system in case of infection with COVID-19.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian stars of show business, television and sports took part in an information project on combating coronavirus.

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