Rostov infectious disease specialist: COVID-19 almost everyone will get sick


Rostov Region, April 30, 2020. DON24.RU. CODID-19 will recover from a large part of the population, just now this infection must be slowed down. About this IA “DON 24” was told by the head of the department of infectious diseases of Rostov State Medical University, doctor of medical sciences, professor Yuri Ambalov.

“There is an epidemiological law: an epidemic can be stopped only if 60–70% of the population gets sick. Now, when 70% of the population encounters coronavirus, then it will not have many opportunities for further spread. And slowly the epidemic will subside, ”the expert explained.

According to him, this does not mean that the remaining people, those who have not met with the virus, will not face it in the future. But it will not be so difficult for health.

“Until absolutely the entire population of the Earth collides with COVID-19, the virus“ will not calm down, ”Ambalov said.

“When it is 100%, then this virus can even disappear from the population,” the doctor said.

He explained that the situation with the flu virus is better, because 65–70% of the ill population can be recruited not only due to the fact that people will encounter the pathogen, but also due to flu shots.

“In the case of COVID-19, there are no antiviral drugs, there is no vaccine. Therefore, everyone will have to deal with coronavirus, ”said Yuri Ambalov.

Earlier the same point of view expressed and the famous neurosurgeon Alexei Kashcheev. He noted that the disease spreads very quickly.


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