Truckers and kindergarten staff will be checked for Covid-19, even if there are no symptoms


            To limit the spread of Covid-19 and reduce risks, even in the absence of symptoms, employees of preschool educational institutions and companies involved in international transportation will be tested, the Ministry of Health reports.            </p><div>
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            Information on the coronavirus and emergency situation in Latvia can be obtained by <strong>toll free number 8345 (round-the-clock).</strong><br/>With all non-emergency questions regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus, you can call the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (<strong>67387661) </strong>on work days <strong>from 8:30 to 19:00, </strong>on the weekend<strong> from 9:00 to 17:00. </strong>If, for a minimum of two days, a Latvian who has returned from abroad has symptoms that may suspect Covid-19, you need to call <strong>8303 </strong><strong>from 9:00 to 18:00</strong> daily.<br/>All information about Covid-19 in Latvia is collected on a special website, which has <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Russian version</strong></a>. On the homepage of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, information on coronavirus is now available and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>in Russian</strong></a>. The cabinet also prepared information <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">in Russian</a></strong>  about the situation with the distribution of Covid-19.

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This decision was made in order to reduce the risk of spreading the infection: employees of preschool institutions work with children, and truckers regularly visit other countries.

Previously, if these people had symptoms, the family doctor could refer them for tests. Now the employer will be able to do this – even if a person has no signs of illness. To do this, the company management must submit a list to the Emergency Medical Services, which organizes the delivery of tests.

The Ministry of Health emphasized that every person who has symptoms can go to a family doctor and get a referral for analysis. After that, the laboratory will contact the patient within 12 hours to agree on the time and place of the test. At the conclusion of the family doctor, tests can be taken at home.

Family doctors can refer patients for chronic illnesses for tests, even if there are no symptoms.

What already wrote, in a day in Latvia they performed 2380 tests for Covid-19 and found 18 infected, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control reports.

Latvia previously accepted additional measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, in particular by closing international passenger traffic from March 17. The emergency regime, valid until May 12, prescribes various measures to counter the spread of infection, including limiting the working hours of public places, retail outlets and closing educational institutions.

In order to reduce the risks of the spread of Covid-19 government from Sunday March 29 introduced new restrictions to move people in public places, deciding that it is possible to gather no more than two people, and they should keep at least two meters from those around them. Now even for the funeral can not be collected indoors, and when conducting a ceremony on the street, people should also stay apart from each other. Decision made on Tuesday, March 31 sharply increase fines for violations of epidemiological safety.

What already wrote, exploring a new coronavirus infection, Latvian scientists have identified 12 unique mutations of the virus, which have not yet been reported anywhere in the world. After analyzing the gene material of the virus, the researchers obtained the first data of this kind in the Baltics. Since the study of the virus will help to create a vaccine, it is being investigated in many countries of the world. Scientists from universities and scientific institutes of Latvia have already begun to create a single platform for the study of Covid-19.

At the University of Stradinj start two projects designed to help combat the Covid-19. Within the framework of the first one, they will study the biological characteristics of the virus, and the second one will teach you: with the help of virtual reality, doctors will learn how to use personal protective equipment correctly.