The most popular conspiracy theories about the mockery: The prophecies, the 5G and other pearls


In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 180,000 deaths worldwide, the new coroner SARS-CoV-2 has triggered a wave of conspiracy theories.

Sputnik has collected some of the most popular conspiracy theories for the coronary artery, as well as what the experts believe about them.

Bill Gates, “the creator of the mockery”

Microsoft co-founder and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, has been targeted by far-right groups and anti-vaccination groups, who accuse him of knowing in advance about pandemic and funded the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 corona to reduce the world’s population. This theory was started by the QAnon team.

Proponents of this theory are convinced that Gates, along with tycoons Rockefeller and Warren Buffett, want to carry out a mass vaccination that could kill between 15 and 95% of the world’s population. As for the rest of the people, they will be tested through implanted microchips and the 5G network, according to this theory.

In fact, however, the Gates Foundation-funded vaccine was developed by the Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom and has nothing to do with COVID-19 disease, as it affects bird flu.

Is there a connection between 5G and corona?

According to this theory, which has become very popular with social media users, the new generation mobile network 5G, created by China, is able to transmit the coronavirus, affecting the human immune system or even reducing the amount of oxygen in the air, which causes respiratory problems. Proponents of such a theory also claim – although not true – that Wuhan was the first city to launch 5G.

The theory became very popular in the United Kingdom, where viral videos and photos were shown showing residents of Liverpool, Meling and Birmingham burning 5G network antennas.

However, in reality this theory is baseless. “The idea that COVID-19 disease is caused by 5G cell phone signals is rubbish. “It’s a disease that many doctors and scientists around the world have said is caused by a virus, which is completely different from the cell phone signal,” cell biology professor Simon Clarke told the BBC.

For its part, the Science Alert portal explains in an article that “5G radiation cannot penetrate the skin or allow a virus to penetrate the skin. There is no evidence that the frequencies of the 5G network cause the corona to spread. ”

Coronaios, a biological weapon of China?

According to this theory, the coronation pandemic came from a secret Chinese laboratory and not from a seafood market. According to a Washington Times article, biologists at the Wuhan Institute of Biology have reportedly created the virus as part of a “hidden biological weapons program.”

U.S. authorities are trying to determine the origin of the virus. In this context, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo told the media that Washington “knows that this virus came from Wuhan and the Chinese government really needs to clarify” what it knows about the spread of coronavirus.

The deadly bat soup

While most scientists around the world agree that the SARS-CoV-2 corona is a mutation of a typical virus bat, the controversy continues over how it could infect humans.

One theory is that exotic Chinese food could have caused the pandemic. In images posted on social media, a woman from China appears to be eating a bat soup as proof.

Although the video was recorded in 2016 in Palau by popular Chinese travel blogger Mengun Wang, the theory panicked thousands of people. For example, residents of a small town in Cairo, Peru, have killed about 300 bats for fear of being mocked.

But are these nocturnal mammals really that dangerous? Commenting on Sputnik, biologist Raquel Galeon of Bolivia noted that the allegations were “unscientific.”

Nostradamus and Grandma Vanga “predicted the pandemic”

According to this theory – probably the most harmless – spells by Nostradamus or Grandma Vanga predicted the pandemic of the coronary artery. According to this theory, reference is also made to the pages of a 1981 novel by author Dean Kundz.

In his famous work “The Prophecies”, written in 1555, o Nostradamus states: “The great plague of the maritime city / It will not stop until it is avenged by death / By the just blood, condemned for a price without crime / of the great lady who was outraged by the pretense.” However, Nostradamus’ references can be interpreted in different ways and this is not the first pandemic in human history. Wuhan is also not a seaside town, although the pandemic is said to come from a seafood market.

For its part, the Grandma Wanga, which allegedly foresaw the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the rise of ISIS and Brexit, also knew – in the same theory – something about the pandemic.

“The crown will come for all of us,” she told one of her visitors, Neska Stefanova Robeva. He also warned of a dangerous “lung plague” that would hit the world in the “mirror year (2020)”, saying that Russian scientists would create an effective drug against the disease, based on the bark of the Siberian cedar.

The popular American writer Dean Kundz She also surprised people by referring to a virus Wuhan in his book The Eyes of Darkness (1981).

“A Chinese scientist named Li Chen has left for the United States, carrying a copy of the most important and dangerous Chinese biological weapon of the decade on a tablet. “It’s called ‘Wuhan-400,’ because it was developed in workshops near Wuhan,” the novel says.

It is noted that the Soviet city of Gorky referred to the original version of the novel and in 1996 Kundz chose to change the name to Wuhan.


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