The government today will approve the COVID-19 health care package, – Stepanov


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is planning to approve a COVID-19 medical package at an extraordinary meeting on Friday, Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said during a press briefing in Kiev on Friday.

“Today, at an extraordinary meeting, we will consider the allocation of COVID-19 funds. The project defines the rules and conditions under which health facilities and health care providers will receive payment for services through the National Health Service (NHS),” he said.

According to him, there are several payment options.

“There will be several packages: inpatient care for designated coronavirus nursing facilities, emergency medical care for suspected and diagnosed patients, mobile medical team care, inpatient medical care in 2020 and in April who were not determined to fight the coronavirus but treated such patients, “the minister said.

Stepanov stressed that during the calculation of the tariff, the provision of patients with liquids and pesticides, additional payment to doctors was taken into account.


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