Doctors described the most dangerous human errors during the COVID-19 pandemic


The main errors in the behavior of people that interfere with the effective fight against the spread of coronavirus infection are identified.

The results of a study by scientists at Princeton University published on the EurekAlert! website.

Experts believe that, first of all, in the current situation it is important to be optimistic and maintain a healthy psychological atmosphere around you. After all, self-isolation during a pandemic can cause an exacerbation of mental illness, as doctors warn.

No need to get hung up on information about the coronavirus in the media and the Internet. It is wrong and harmful to switch all your attention to it, neglecting communication with other people, and refusing to exercise and have a good sleep.

Some people mistakenly see coronavirus incidence statistics. Some messages can cause increased anxiety, others, on the contrary, a false belief that everything is on the normal track. According to the authors of the study, it makes no sense to evaluate the statistics in this regard.

In addition, the fight against COVID-19 is complicated by some traditional norms of communication among people of different nationalities and religions. Someone used to touch the person at the meeting, hug and kiss him. Now this habit should be temporarily abandoned. Slogans and images illustrating the importance of distance could help.


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