Deputies of the Legislative Assembly called for strengthening measures to combat COVID-19 due to low self-isolation of the population


Coronavirus control measures were discussed on April 22 at a meeting of the deputy headquarters at the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region, which was led by the speaker of the regional parliament, Alexander Vedernikov. The agenda included questions about child safety during self-isolation, the situation in certain territories and the support of citizens and entrepreneurs.

Alexander Vedernikov:
– As practice has shown, the self-isolation mode is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread of the virus. However, in recent days there has been a record low self-isolation index. Today, work to inform the public about the importance of introducing restrictive measures should be given more attention, including from municipalities and the public.

The vice-speakers of the AP Kuzma Aldarov, Olga Nosenko and Larisa Egorova, deputies Alexander Belov, Olga Bezrodnykh, Timur Sagdeev, Roman Gabov, Artem Lobkov, Denis Shershnev and Dmitry Tyutrin took part. Also, more than 60 representatives of municipalities and relevant ministries joined the videoconference.

The speaker also noted that during the period of self-isolation, the number of injuries among children increased. According to the information of the head physician of OGAUZ “City Ivano-Matreninsky Children’s Clinical Hospital” Vladimir Novozhilov, from the beginning of the self-isolation regime, the hospital was contacted over a thousand children with various injurieswith more than 200 injured on the street.

The meeting participants made a number of suggestions for further work. So, the chairman of the Duma of the Olkhonsky district Igor Zherbakov announced the need additional remedies for doctorswho work not only with residents of the area, but also with tourists.

Olga Nosenko suggested considering the possibility of paying benefits not only to citizens who have been left without work, but also to individual entrepreneurs and citizens registered as self-employed. According to the CCI, more than 60% of entrepreneurs will not be able to qualify for any support measures.

Watch on the online broadcast of the meeting of the deputy headquarters for coronavirus


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