Coronavirus in Italy – Everyone was coughing: Inter football players became aware of a massive illness before the coronavirus pandemic


TSey material available UkrainianForward Romelu Lukaku spoke about the situation that developed in Italian Inter in January.

Romelu Lukaku spoke about the epidemic at Inter / photo: Lukaku spoke about the epidemic at Inter / photo:

Star striker of Italian “Inter” Romelu Lukaku said that in January, most of the team’s football players had symptoms similar to those of coronavirus.

Words Lukaku leads Football Italia.

“We had a weekend week in December, after which we returned to training, and, I swear, 23 of the 25 players in the team fell ill. In January, we played with Cagliari, and after about 25 minutes of the match, our defender Milan Shkrinyar left the field. He I couldn’t go on and almost fainted, ”Lukaku said.

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“Everyone was coughing and they had a temperature. When I was warming up, I was much hotter than usual. I had no temperature for years,” the footballer also noted.

He recalled that at that time the players had not yet passed tests for the coronavirus: “So we won’t know for sure whether it was him.”

It is worth noting that the first official case of coronavirus infection in Italy was recorded on February 21, and in Series A on March 12.

Earlier, UNIAN also reported that football players of the Italian “Sampdoria” recovered from the coronavirus.

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