The president of the Russian Polo Federation, Alexei Vlasenko, is also positive about the mockery!


One of cases of mockery in Russia he is now its president federation polo of the country, Alexei Vlasenko.

THE coronavirus does not discriminate and one of the most recent victims in Russia is also Alexei Vlasenko, the president of the country’s polo federation, artistic swimming and diving.

The news was announced by Vlasenko himself, who, in addition to being president of the Russian Federation, is also a member of European Athletics Federation.

Speaking in his hometown, Vlasenko said he had also been examined tested positive for the new virus, even staying for a week bedridden in hospital.

«I will be fine soon and I will be able to go outSaid Alexei Vlasenko, one of the first players in the track and field to announce that he is positive for the coronary artery.

Besides, the pandemic of coronary heart disease has naturally affected the polo and swimming championships in our country, with ΚΟΕ however, to meet on Tuesday (21/4) and make recommendations on it their gradual resumption and completion.

The suggestions of KOE for polo champion, relegation and Panhellenic swimming!

The suggestions were always made according to his instructions and decisions EODY and her State to deal with the pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19, as well as the schedule of sports facilities.

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