Protect your heads! # 5: Covid-19 conversation with microbiologist Juta Kroich


Does Covid-19 really come from bats or scales? Why do some people have no symptoms? Is the virus alive at all? And is it better to wash apples transferred from the store in hot or cold water? How likely is it that a pandemic will recur? “Protect your heads!” The guest of this episode is Juta Kroiča is a microbiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor at Riga Stradiņš University, head of the Department of Biology and Microbiology. Educated at the Riga Medical Institute and the Institute of Virology of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Author of several books and many scientific articles, he has studied the microflora of the human body, namely the bacteria living in us, as well as the bacteriological safety of biomaterials used in medicine. Teaches courses in medical microbiology, immunology and virology. 4/18/2020 episode.


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